Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 144-4-.09 - Forensic Interviews ("FIs")

(1) FI Eligibility.
(a) The crime must have occurred in Georgia on or after July 1, 2014.
(b) The Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program ("CVCP") will pay for interviews performed in another state as long as the crime occurred in Georgia and the provider performing the interview and the facility meet the criteria set forth by the Program.
(c) For each victimization, CVCP will cover the cost of one Forensic Interview per victim. If more than two FIs are submitted in the same year for the same victim, any subsequent claims may be submitted to the CVCP Board for consideration.
(2) CVCP Billing/Payment Guidelines.
(a) The provider and/or facility must bill the CVCP usual and customary charges with verifiable documentation related to the FI that details the specific referring agencies and the contact information to include:
1. the name of the service provider,
2. the location,
3. the date of referrals, and
4. the specific services recommended.
(b) A maximum amount of up to $200 will be paid when funds are available.
1. The results of the interview must be used for the identification of needs such as social services, personal advocacy, case management, substance abuse treatment, and mental health services, and must be documented by submitting the Forensic Interview Referral Document (FIRD) or similar form with the Application for Payment;
2. The interview must be conducted in the context of a multidisciplinary investigation and diagnostic team, or in a specialized setting such as a child advocacy center;
3. The interviewer must have 40 hours of specialized training and be certified to conduct forensic interviews appropriate to the developmental age and abilities of children or the developmental cognitive, and physical or communication disabilities presented by adults;
4. Each interviewer must submit documentation of their training with the initial application before payment will be disbursed; and
5. No award will be made until the provider and/or facility certifies that it has exhausted all other public and private resources available and annually submits the Forensic Interviewer Funding Certification Document (FIFCD).
6. CVCP may conduct audits and/or site visits annually and, as needed, to ensure compliance with the proceeding guidance and accuracy of reporting. Audits and/or site visits may include a review of forensic interview related documentation including videos. In cases where the forensic interview results in a forensic medical examination all forensic medical exam-related documentation and interviews with the SANEs responsible for conducting the exams may be reviewed and audited. A law enforcement verification document and any supplemental investigative documents may be obtained as part of the auditing process.
7. Payments for FI's are funded by federal and/or state funds. Potential fraud, waste, abuse, or misconduct involving or relating to payments for FI's will be referred by CVCP to an appropriate investigative agency.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 144-4-.09
O.C.G.A. ยงยง 17-15-1et seq., 35-6A-4.
Original Rule entitled "Forensic Interviews ("FIs")" adopted. F. June 30, 2015; eff. July 20, 2015. Amended: F. July 9, 2019; eff. July 1, 2019, as specified by the Agency. Amended: F. Apr. 1, 2022; eff. Apr. 21, 2022.

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