Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 160-5-3-.08 - School Bus Drivers

(a) Non-resident - a person who has his or her place of residence in a state other than Georgia.
(b) Physician - a doctor of medicine or osteopathy licensed by the Georgia Composite Medical Board pursuant to Article 2, Chapter 34, Title 43 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.
(c) Regular school bus driver (operator) - a person who is a regularly employed driver (operator) and who is not on the substitute list.
(d) Resident - a person who has his or her place of residence in the state of Georgia.
(e) School bus driver (operator) - a person, appropriately licensed, who controls the operation of a school bus.
(f) Substitute school bus driver (operator) - a person who is not a regularly employed driver (operator).
(g) School bus driver trainer - a person who is responsible for the required initial training of school bus drivers.
(a) The local board of education shall employ both regular and substitute drivers of school buses upon the recommendation of the system superintendent of schools.
(b) Local school systems shall select school bus drivers using the following minimum criteria:
1. The minimum age to qualify as a bus driver is 18 years.
2. Evidence of a physical examination by a physician or legally authorized designee within 60 days prior to the date of employment. A physician may delegate to certain specific healthcare professionals, including physician assistants and certified nurse practitioners, the authority to sign, certify, and endorse documents relating to physical examination forms required by the State Board of Education as authorized by law. See O.C.G.A. ยง 43-34-23, 43-34-25, 43-34-103.
(c) To be considered for reemployment for any ensuing school year, the driver shall pass the annual medical examination prescribed by the Department, not more than 60 days before the beginning of the school year and as often thereafter as the local system's board of education deems necessary.
(d) Licensing.
1. Local school systems shall ensure that resident school bus drivers have a Georgia Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Class A, B or C.
2. School bus drivers shall obtain a CDL Class A, B or C license with a "S" endorsement, which authorizes the driver to drive a school bus. (The driver of an air-brake-equipped bus shall not have an "L" restriction which restricts him or her to vehicles not equipped with air brakes.)
3. Local school systems shall ensure that non-resident school bus drivers have an appropriate license, issued by their home state, to operate a school bus.
(e) Salary.
1. School systems shall not pay to any regular driver in their employment, regardless of the type of ownership, a salary less than that prescribed by the state uniform minimum salary schedule ($6,000 annually). The driver shall receive the state minimum daily salary for 12 months provided the driver works the entire school year. The school year includes any authorized sick and personal leave.
2. Substitute drivers shall be paid by the local board of education and not by the regular school bus driver. The pay scale for substitute school bus drivers shall be determined by the local board of education.
(f) School Bus Driver Education.
1. Local school systems shall ensure that every new school bus driver satisfactorily completes a training program approved by the Department prior to driving a school bus used to transport students. The initial training program for school bus drivers shall consist of at least 24 hours of training. A description of the required training program is found in the Georgia School Bus Driver Training Manual, available from the Department.
2. Local school systems shall require all school bus driver trainers be trained and certified through a training program offered by the Department.
3. Local school systems shall require all school bus drivers to attend the annual in-service training and safety programs provided by the Department.
4. Local school systems shall report all accidents in which school buses are involved to the Department on forms provided by the Department.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 160-5-3-.08
O.C.G.A. Secs. 20-2-188, 20-2-1110 to 20-2-1113, 20-2-1125, 40-5-23, 40-5-140, 40-5-150.
Original Rule entitled "School Bus Drivers" adopted. F. Nov. 30, 1990; eff. Dec. 20, 1990. Amended: F. Mar. 25, 1996; eff. Apr. 14, 1996. Amended: F. Feb. 13, 2004; eff. Mar. 4, 2004. Amended: F. Oct. 14, 2004; eff. Nov. 3, 2004. Amended: F. Jan. 12, 2012; eff. Feb. 1, 2012.

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