Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 40-21-3-.02 - Private Applicators

(1) A private applicator must demonstrate a practical knowledge of pest problems and pest control practices associated with his agricultural operations, the proper storage, use, handling and disposal of pesticides and containers and his legal responsibility to prevent unreasonable adverse effects on the environment. This practical knowledge shall include an ability to:
(a) Recognize common pests to be controlled and the damage caused by them;
(b) Read and understand the label and labeling information;
(c) Apply pesticides in accordance with label instructions and warnings;
(d) Recognize local environmental situations which must be considered during application to avoid adverse effects from contamination.
(e) Recognize common symptoms of pesticide poisoning and procedures to follow in case of accident;
(f) Understand the legal responsibilities under State and Federal Law, including, supervision of uncertified persons.
(2) Competence of private applicators shall be verified by a written or oral test administered by the Commissioner or by attendance at and evidence of participation in a training program approved by the Commissioner, including, but not limited to formal classroom presentation, auto-tutorial presentation or programmed learning methods.
(3) In any case where an applicant is unable to read a label, the Commissioner may administer an oral examination as a basis for limited certification. Such certification shall be limited to purchase and use of specific pesticides and the examination must be based on the specific pesticides to be authorized. Applicant must demonstrate:
(a) an understanding of the label and labeling information including the common name of the pesticide, pests to be controlled, timing and methods of application, safety precautions, preharvest or reentry restrictions, and any specific disposal requirements.
(b) that he is aware of sources of advice and guidance necessary for the safe and proper use of each pesticide for whose use he is to be certified.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 40-21-3-.02
Ga. L. 1976, p. 369.
Original Rule entitled "Private Applicators" was filed on July 10, 1978; effective July 30, 1978.

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