Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 620-3-.01 - Qualifications and Procedures

Current through Rules and Regulations filed through April 4, 2022

(1) All applications for licenses, certification and employee registration shall be made on the appropriate form required by the Commission and submitted to the Secretary, Structural Pest Control Commission, Georgia Department of Agriculture, Capitol Square, Atlanta, Georgia 30334.
(2) All licenses, certifications, employee registrations, and research fees, shall be for a period of two (2) years or fraction thereof and shall expire on June 30 in each odd numbered year. The two (2) year fee must be submitted, by check, money order or electronic fund transfer, with the application in the appropriate amount based upon the following:

Company License


Research Fee per Company License


Operator Certification


Employee Registration


Duplicate Registration Card


Duplicate License (Sub Office)


If an application and fee for renewal of any license, certification or employee registration is not received by the Secretary on or before its expiration date, the above fees shall double and shall be paid before a renewal is issued. No Company License shall be issued or renewed for any license period until the research fee has been paid, and the research fee shall not be subject to any late penalty. In no case shall a certification or license be renewed after more than ninety (90) days from the June 30 expiration date without reexamination or reapplication, nor shall any license be renewed or reissued within the two (2) year license period without payment of the double fee. When the research fees collected for any two year license period amount to $90,000, the Secretary shall forward such amount to the Chairman of the Entomology Division of the University of Georgia, covering $45,000 for each of the two fiscal years within that license period.

(3) Application for certification examination shall be submitted to the Secretary. An examination fee of forty five (45) dollars per category shall be required each time an examination is taken. If applicant fails part or all of the initial examination, he may retake the failed part(s) of the examination, upon reapplication and payment of another forty (45) dollars per category fee. If applicant fails the second examination, he may not subsequently retake the examination until one full year has elapsed since the examination was last taken. The payment of all examination fees shall be by check, money order or electronic fund transfer.
(4) Before being approved for taking the examination, the applicant must provide the Commission with satisfactory evidence of his or her qualifications including one of the following:
(a) Two (2) years of actual service experience as an employer, employee or owner-operator in the Structural Pest Control category(ies) in which certification is sought. One (1) year shall have been within the last five (5) years. Specialized category training under university or college supervision may be substituted for practical experience at the ratio of one year of training for one-fourth year experience. Applicants for examination in the category of fumigation shall submit a list, with the application for examination, of at least 6 fumigation treatments in which the applicant participated.
(b) A degree from a recognized College or University with advanced training or a major in entomology, sanitary or public health engineering, or related subjects and one (1) year of actual service experience within the last five years under appropriate supervision in the category(ies) in which certification is sought.
(5) Any person whose certification has previously been suspended or canceled for any reason other than failure to earn the required hours of recertification training credit shall apply in person to the Commission before he or she may retake the examination.
(6) Applicants shall demonstrate competency in the use and handling of pesticides as determined by an appropriate and written examination, covering standards set forth in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Paragraphs 171.4(b), 171.4(c)(7), and 171.6, as applicable by scoring a grade of at least seventy (70%) on the general section and each category section in which certification is sought.
(7) All licenses shall be displayed in a conspicuous place in the licensed office and the duplicate in the sub-office. All operators and employees shall carry their certification and registration cards on their person at all times when they are soliciting or performing pest control.
(8) A person who has passed the examination(s) must apply for and complete the requirements for certification within ninety (90) days of the date he or she is notified of passing the examination(s), otherwise, reexamination will be required.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 620-3-.01
O.C.G.A. Secs. 43-45-8, 43-45-9, 43-45-10.
Original Rule entitled "Certification Procedures and Qualifications" adopted. F. and eff. June 30, 1965. Repealed: New Rule of same title adopted. F. Oct. 25, 1966; eff. Nov. 13, 1966. Amended: F. Feb. 5, 1969; eff. Feb. 24, 1969. Amended: F. Dec. 31, 1970; eff. Jan. 20, 1971. Amended: ER. Rule 620-3-0.1-.01(5) was filed and effective on June 13, 1973, to remain in effect for 120 days or until the effective date of a permanent Rule covering the same subject matter is adopted, as specified by the Agency. Amended: F. Jan. 10, 1974; eff. Jan. 30, 1974. Amended: F. Jan. 23, 1979; eff. Feb. 12, 1979. Amended: F. Dec. 21, 1981; eff. Jan. 10, 1982. Repealed: New Rule entitled "Qualifications and Procedures" adopted. F. Feb. 14, 1985; eff. Mar. 6, 1985. Amended: F. June 14, 1991; eff. July 4, 1991. Amended: F. Mar. 17, 1995; eff. Apr. 6, 1995. Repealed: New Rule of same title adopted. F. June 4, 1997; eff. July 1, 1997, as specified by the Agency. Amended: F. Oct. 3, 2000; eff. Nov. 1, 2000, as specified by the Agency. Amended: F. Jan. 6, 2003; eff. Feb. 1, 2003, as specified by the Agency. Repealed: New Rule of same title adopted. F. Feb. 27, 2007; eff. Mar. 19, 2007. Amended: F. Mar. 11, 2014; eff. Mar. 31, 2014.

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