Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 240-16-.01 - Esthetician School Equipment

(1) Each esthetician school must provide the following minimum equipment:
(a) secured storage for school and student records (locking filing cabinet, desk, etc.);
(b) sufficient instructional displays (dry erase, chalkboard, etc);
(c) one lavatory bowl for up to fifteen students;
(d) eight facial chairs or cushioned massage tables;
(e) one work station or position per two students;
(f) one (1) set of facial equipment per each four (4) work stations or positions to include:
1. brushing;
2. vacuum ionization;
3. glass electrode or high frequency galvanic or cathodic current (grade 2 tool or lower); and
4. spray or mister.
(g) one (1) set of facial equipment per each two (2) work stations or positions to include:
1. steamer; and
2. magnification lamp.
(h) one (1) covered container for soiled or disposable towels;
(i) covered container for soiled linen;
(j) locker space must be furnished for each student;
(k) one properly lighted make-up area;
(l) one head form or chart per class;
(m) one mannequin per student;
(n) school minimum floor space-1800 sq. ft.;
(o) an appropriate disinfection container which is in accordance with Board rule 240-5;
(p) closed cabinet for clean linen (the closed containers or cabinets may contain small openings for the purpose of ventilation);
(q) closed cabinet or container for soiled/dirty linen;
(r) audio visual aids;
(s) locker space must be furnished for each student;
(t) Adequate toilet and lavatory facilities. To be adequate, such facilities shall have at least one toilet and one sink with running water;
(u) Such facilities shall be equipped with toilet tissue, soap dispenser with soap or other hand cleaning material, sanitary towels or other hand-drying device such as a wall-mounted electric blow-dryer, and waste receptacle;
(v) adequate ventilation;
(w) proper lighting;
(x) hot and cold running water;
(y) facilities for clean sanitary drinking water; and
(z) library.
(2) All of the above equipment must be standard equipment and maintained in good and safe working condition at all times.
(3) Each cosmetology school desiring to specialize in esthetics and having more than 15 students in the specialized course is required to obtain necessary equipment listed in this chapter.
(4) a basic kit; each student kit shall include the following:
1. one (1) textbook;
2. one (1) workbook;
3. a current copy of the laws and rules of the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers;
3. tweezers;
4. comedone extractors;
5. cleansers;
6. liquid soap;
7. skin fresheners (toners);
8. astringents;
9. acids (3.5pH or above);
10. moisturizers;
11. emollient creams;
12. foundation;
13. concealer;
14. blusher;
15. lipstick;
16. powder;
17. eye shadow;
18. mascara;
20. eyeliners;
21. eyebrow pencils;
22. professional pencil sharpener;
23. disposable sponges and applicators;
24. cotton swab;
25. round cotton pads;
26. rectangular rolled cotton;
27. cotton balls;
28. wooden spatula;
29. muslin strips; and
30. disposable gloves.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 240-16-.01
O.C.G.A. ยงยง 43-10-2, 43-10-6, 43-10-12, 43-10-13.
Original Rule entitled "Esthetician School Equipment" adopted. F. Dec. 21, 2016; eff. Jan. 10, 2017.

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