Haw. Code R. § 15-210-13 - Park use

(a) Within the limits of any park, it is unlawful for any person to:
(1) Wilfully or intentionally destroy, damage, or injure any property;
(2) Climb onto any tree, except those designated by signage for climbing, or to climb onto any wall, fence, shelter, building, statue, monument, or other structure, excluding play apparatus which is a part of the park;
(3) Swim, bathe, wade in, or pollute the water of any ornamental pool or fountain;
(4) Kindle, build, maintain, or use any fire, other than in a HCDA designated barbeque pit;
(5) Annoy, molest, kill, wound, chase, shoot, launch or throw projectiles or missiles at any animal or bird;
(6) Distribute, post, or place any commercial handbill or circular, notice, or other advertising device or matter, except as permitted by the terms of any agreement relating to the use of park property;
(7) Use any surfboard or devices or materials with jagged or rough ends and edges, which are dangerous to surfers, swimmers, or bathers;
(8) Construct, repair, or fabricate surfboards;
(9) Permit any animal to enter and remain within the confines of any park area except as otherwise provided in this chapter or authorized by permits issued by the authority or the agent of the authority;
(10) Feed any animal or bird unless authorized by a permit issued by the authority or the agent of the authority;
(11) Wash, polish, or repair cars or other vehicles;
(12) Enter or remain in any park during the posted hours that the park is closed;
(13) Camp at any parks or create a camp site;
(14) Park any vehicle in the parking lot except while its passengers are within the park;
(15) Appear nude within the park;
(16) Defecate or urinate other than in public restrooms;
(17) Dispose of any trash other than in designated rubbish bins;
(18) Use any type of detergent or soap to launder clothes or wash any personal property within the park;
(19) Hang or lay more than one article of clothing or personal property to dry anywhere in the park;
(20) Park vehicles outside of marked parking stalls;
(21) Operate any vehicle within the park, excluding the parking lot, unless authorized by the authority or the agent of the authority;
(22) Use skates, skateboards, hoverboards, segways, scooters, or other similar items;
(23) Use inflatable bouncers or other similar items;
(24) Insert stakes or spikes of any length into the grounds;
(25) Smoking of cigarettes, cigars, etc. or utilizing e-cigs, e-cigarettes, vapor cigarettes or similar devices;
(26) Personal use of fireworks of any type; or
(27) Access water from any source within the park other than a park comfort station or park shower.
(b) Except as authorized by permits, and subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the authority, it is unlawful for any person, within the limits of any park, to:
(1) Cut or remove any wood, plant, grass, soil, rock, sand, or gravel;
(2) Sell or offer for sale any services, merchandise, article, or thing, whatsoever;
(3) Moor, tie up, store, repair, or condition any boat, canoe, raft, or other vessel;
(4) Repair or recondition any surfboard;
(5) Operate a motorized scooter, motorized vehicle, or other motorized recreational equipment that is not regulated and licensed by the city and county of Honolulu;
(6) Enter the park with a cart with items in the cart stacked, piled, or placed exceeding a height of three feet;
(7) Amplify music or use battery-operated loudspeakers (bullhorns);
(8) Ride or drive any horse or any other animal;
(9) Access electricity from any source within the park;
(10) Kindle, build, or maintain any campfire, fire torch, or fire knife;
(11) Serve, sell, or consume alcoholic beverages;
(12) Engage in or conduct any activity which creates any sound, noise, or music exceeding 80 dBA sound pressure level taken at a point ten feet in front of the source for a cumulative time period of at least five minutes when measured with a calibrated American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Type I or Type II sound level meter with weighting set at "A" and response set at 'slow" except any activity which is sponsored by the authority;
(13) Placement of anchors, stakes, or any ground penetrating item for any purpose;
(14) Bring wading pools, dunking tanks, inflatable pools, or portable hot tubs;
(15) Burning or lighting of firecrackers or fireworks display in the parks;
(16) Placement of any structures;
(17) Holding any gathering with more than fifty people in attendance;
(18) Digging holes; or
(19) Access water from any backflow preventer or tamper with any backflow preventer and/or irrigation system.
(c) Within the limits of any park, it is a violation of these rules for any person, wherever signs are posted prohibiting the activities, to:
(1) Throw, cast, catch, kick, or strike any baseball, tennis ball, football, basketball, croquet ball, or other object;
(2) Ride upon roller skates, roller blades, skate boards, scooters, wheelies, hoverboards, segways, or other wheeled devices;
(3) Engage in kite flying;
(4) Engage in drone flying; or
(5) Ride bicycles anywhere except on designated paths or areas.
(d) Except in park areas specifically designated for the purposes, it is unlawful for any person to:
(1) Throw, cast, roll, or strike any bowling ball or golf ball;
(2) Engage in model airplane, or drone flying;
(3) Engage in model boat sailing;
(4) Engage in model car, truck, or motorcycle driving;
(5) Discharge firearms for target practice only;
(6) Engage in archery for target practice and tournament only;
(7) Launch model rockets; or
(8) Allow any domestic household pet to be off leash at any time.
(e) In addition to the requirements of subsection (b), the repair or reconditioning of any surfboard shall be performed only by a concessionaire of the authority who has a surfboard concession. The repair work shall be conducted only in an enclosed building or structure, approved by the authority, the Honolulu county department of planning and permitting, and the state department of health. The terms and conditions to be imposed by the authority shall include, together with the requirements necessary to safeguard the health and safety of the public, the securing of adequate insurance to protect the State from any liability resulting from the repair work.
(f) Within the limits of any park, it is unlawful for any person, where signs are posted prohibiting or restricting the activities, to operate, park, or stand a motor vehicle in violation of the prohibitions or restrictions. The signs may impose any prohibition or restriction upon the operation, parking, or standing of motor vehicles which the executive director shall determine will maximize the enjoyment and use of any park by park users. The restrictions may include the installation of parking meters or parking toll booths in parks.


Haw. Code R. § 15-210-13
[Eff 6/11/05; am and comp 5/25/2007] (Auth: HRS § 206E-4) (Imp: HRS §20 6E-4) Am and comp 2/24/2017

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