Haw. Code R. § 15-24-14 - Documentation

Current through February, 2022

(a) A governmental agency which displaces any person shall maintain relocation records for its displacements showing:
(1) Project and parcel identification;
(2) Names and addresses of displaced persons and their original and new addresses and telephone numbers (if available);
(3) Personal contacts made with each displaced person including:
(A) Date of notification of availability of relocation payments and services;
(B) Name of the official offering or providing relocation assistance;
(C) Whether the offer of assistance was declined or accepted and the name of the individual accepting or declining the offer;
(D) Dates and substance of subsequent follow-up contacts;
(E) Date on which the displaced person was required to move from the property acquired;
(F) Date on which actual relocation occurred and whether relocation was accomplished with the assistance of the authority, referrals to other agencies, or without assistance. If the latter, an approximate date for actual relocation is acceptable; and
(G) Type of tenure before and after relocation;
(4) For displacements from dwellings:
(A) Number in family;
(B) Type of property (single detached, multi-family, etc.);
(C) Value, or monthly rent; and
(D) Number of rooms occupied; and
(5) For displaced businesses:
(A) Type of business;
(B) Whether continued or terminated; and
(C) If relocated, distance moved (estimate acceptable).
(b) The displacing governmental agency shall maintain records containing the following information regarding moving and reestablishment expense payments:
(1) The date the removal of personal property was accomplished;
(2) The location from which and to which the personal property was moved;
(3) If the personal property was stored temporarily, the location where the property was stored, the duration of the storage, and justification for the storage and the storage charges;
(4) Itemized statement of the costs incurred supported by receipted bills or other evidence of expense;
(5) Amount of reimbursement claimed, amount allowed and an explanation of any difference;
(6) Data supporting any determination that a business cannot be relocated without a substantial loss of its existing patronage and that it is not part of a commercial enterprise having at least one other establishment not being acquired;
(7) When the payment to a business is based on its average annual net earnings or $5,000, whichever is less, data showing how the payment was computed; and
(8) When fixed moving expense payments are made, the data called for in paragraphs (3) and (4) above need not be maintained. Instead, records showing the basis on which payment was made shall be maintained.
(c) The displacing governmental agency shall maintain records containing the following information regarding replacement housing payments:
(1) The date of the governmental agency's receipt of each application for payments;
(2) The date on which each payment was made or the application rejected;
(3) Supporting data explaining how the amount of the supplemental payment to which the applicant is entitled was calculated. This data shall also clearly establish that as of the date of payment replacement housing meeting and criteria established in § 15-24-36 was available;
(4) A signed and dated statement setting forth (1) the determination of the amount of the supplemental payment; and (2) that no official of the governmental agency has a direct or indirect present or contemplated personal interest in this transaction, or will derive any benefit from the supplemental payment, provided that where an individual employed by a governmental agency is displaced by a project, the executive director may authorize payments under this chapter; and
(5) A statement by the director of the displacing governmental agency that in his opinion the displaced person has been relocated in decent, safe and sanitary housing.


Haw. Code R. § 15-24-14
[Eff 2/11/91] (Auth: HRS §§ 206E-4, 206E-10.5) (Imp: HRS §§ 206E-4, 206E-10.5)
§ 15-24-14 is based substantially upon § 15-18-18. [Eff 9/22/84; R 2/11/91]

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