Haw. Code R. § 3-70-20.01 - Traffic, parking and tailgate rules

(a) No person shall operate any vehicle on the stadium premises:
(1) At a speed in excess of twenty-five miles per hour;
(2) In a careless or negligent manner or in such a manner as to endanger or injure persons or property;
(3) In a direction other than as indicated by signs erected and designated for one-way traffic movement unless otherwise directed by an authorized official; or
(4) While under the influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotic drugs.
(b) Parking rules on the stadium premises:
(1) Unless otherwise directed by stadium parking personnel, no person shall park a vehicle in any of the following places:
(A) Whenever the curbings are painted red to indicate no parking;
(B) In marked pedestrian crosswalks and walkways;
(C) On roadways and locations where a parked vehicle may constitute an obstruction, or a traffic hazard;
(D) Places where official signs prohibit parking; and
(E) Areas designated by stadium management as restricted areas;
(2) No person shall park a vehicle on the roadway or in any areas of the parking lot in such as manner as to block other vehicles, or to restrict the free movement of vehicular traffic unless otherwise directed by an authorized official;
(3) Parking is on a "first come, first park" basis and reserving parking stalls, or spaces shall be prohibited unless written authorization is obtained from the manager. Each vehicle shall be parked wholly within a designated stall and shall not straddle or occupy space of an adjoining stall;
(4) Vehicles parked in violation of this subsection may be towed off the premises at the expense of the vehicle owner or driver; and
(5) The following are prohibited:
(A) The use of pegs or stakes;
(B) Recreational play (including, but not limited to ball playing, Frisbee tossing, football tossing, bicycle riding, skateboarding, rollerblading);
(C) Sponsorship or advertising banners or signs;
(D) Animals, except service animals or as approved by the manager;
(E) Concerts, public performances, contests, and live broadcasting without the prior approval of the manager;
(F) Excessively loud music; and
(G) Soliciting, hawking, selling, passing out literature handouts or giving away free items without the prior approval of the manager.
(c) Pre-game and post-game tailgate party rules in the stadium parking lot are as follows:
(1) Cars, tables, chairs, barbecue pits, and tents must be confined to one stall. Groups may park contiguous to one another and share a tent or equipment traversing their vehicles and their stalls. However, there should be no empty stalls between their vehicles;
(2) To alleviate potential fire hazards a hibachi or other cooking device shall be kept a safe distance from any fuel tank;
(3) Lit hibachi or other cooking device shall not be left unattended;
(4) Hot coals and other burning residues shall be doused and completely extinguished before they are disposed;
(5) No dumping of hot coals in the parking lot or in the trash receptacles;
(6) The owner shall dispose of all tailgating material and refuse in a safe manner;
(7) No tents and barbecues shall be allowed on the grassy (front lawn on the South end of the stadium) areas and any pedestrian walkway; provided that the grass area between parking rows may be used for tailgating;
(8) No alcohol capacity containers shall be permitted (kegs and party balls);
(9) No person shall stew litter on the stadium premises; and
(10) Tailgate parties shall cease on or before the established curfew (one hour after the end of the event) as designated by the manager, and thereupon all vehicles shall promptly vacate the stadium premises. Announcements of curfew shall be made on the public address system and the stadium electronic scoreboard.


Haw. Code R. § 3-70-20.01
[Eff 9/17/82; am 8/27/84 ; am and comp 9/18/06; am AUG 07 2010] (Auth: HRS § 109-2)(Imp: HRS § 109-2) Comp 9/7/2019

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