§11-113-5 - Specimen collection.

§11-113-5 Specimen collection.

         (a) Prior to the collection of any sample for substance abuse testing, the individual to be tested shall be supplied by the third party with:


         (1) A written statement of the specific substances to be tested for; and

         (2) A statement that over-the-counter medications or prescribed drugs may result in a positive test result;


         (b) The third party or laboratory shall provide one or more designated collection sites which have necessary personnel, materials, equipment, facilities, and supervision to provide the collection, security, temporary storage, and provisions for shipping or transportation of specimens to a substance abuse testing laboratory.

         (c) Procedures of the third party or the laboratory shall provide for the designated collection site to be secure. If a facility cannot be dedicated solely to specimen collection, the portion of the facility being used for specimen collection shall be secure during the collection process.

         (d) Chain of custody forms for specimens shall be properly executed by the collection site person or the collector of blood specimens authorized by the third party or the laboratory, upon receipt of specimens.

         (e) No unauthorized personnel shall be permitted in any part of the designated collection site when specimens are collected.

         (f) The collection site person or the collector of blood specimens shall not proceed with the collection without establishing the identity of the individual, such as with a photographic identification card or driver's license, or by verification of identity by the third party.

         (g) If the individual fails to arrive at the assigned time, the collection site person or the collector of blood specimens shall contact the third party for instructions.

         (h) Collection site personnel shall arrange to have the collected specimens transported to the drug testing laboratory. The specimens shall be placed in containers designed to minimize the possibility of damage during shipment. The containers shall be securely sealed to eliminate the possibility of undetected tampering. On the tape sealing the container, the collection site person or the collector of blood specimens shall sign and enter the date specimens were sealed in the container for shipment. The chain of custody documentation shall be attached to each container sealed for shipment to the drug testing laboratory.

         (i) A copy of the chain of custody form containing information about the samples shall be forwarded to the medical review officer.

         (j) All information contained in the chain of custody forms shall be kept confidential.

        [Eff 1/23/92; am and comp OCT 19 2007 ] (Auth: HRS §§329B-4, 329B-5, 329B-6, 329B-8) (Imp: HRS §§329B-4, 329B-5, 329B-6)

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