Victim assistance grants will be awarded in the following manner: (3-12-90)

01. Distribution of Victim Assistance Grants to Priority Categories and Regions. On an annual basis, following the Council's receipt of an award letter from the U.S. Justice Department announcing the amount available for victim assistance grants for the following fiscal year, the Council shall establish and announce the base level of funding available for the priority categories and for each region. Determination of the actual percentage and amount of funds to be allocated for the priority and other categories for the regions, and for statewide projects will be based on data available to the Council. (5-3-03)

a. Allocations for Priority and Other Categories. The Council shall allocate the federal crime victim assistance funds awarded to Idaho to programs by complying with regulations of the Victims of Crime Act of 1989, P.L. 98-473, Title II, Chapter XIV, 42 U.S.C. 10601, et seq. (3-12-90)

b. Allocations for Service Areas. (3-12-90)

i. The Council shall allocate the victim assistance funds by region based on a population/area factor, as outlined in Subsection 022.01.b.ii. (5-3-03)

ii. At its discretion, the Council may reserve a portion of the victim assistance grant funds for programs with statewide applicability. (3-12-90)

c. Any victim assistance grant funds not obligated or expended during any award period shall be apportioned by the Council at its discretion, within the established federal limits governing use of the funds. (3-12-90)

02. Distribution of Victim Assistance Grants Within Priority Categories and Regions. Grants shall be awarded through comparison and consideration of applications within a region according to the category of victim services being proposed. The Council is not obligated to select or approve any proposal received. (3-12-90)

03. Timing and Duration of Grant Awards. Grant awards made under the victim assistance grants project shall be made for a period not to exceed one (1) year unless revoked. Actual funds shall be distributed in accordance with the schedule of payments established for each grant. (3-12-90)

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