01. Appointment and Contract. The Commission shall appoint and contract with a qualified person to administer the TRS program in accordance with the requirements of state and federal law. The TRS Administrator is not an employee or officer of the state of Idaho, but is instead an independent contractor. The appointment and contract shall be for fixed terms, but the Commission may renew terms of appointment or contract. (7-1-93)

02. Duties and Responsibilities of Administrator. The Administrator shall: (7-1-93)

a. Consult with and receive recommendations from a telephone industry technical advisory committee (or its representatives) appointed by the Commission; (7-1-93)

b. Post a fidelity bond in the amount required by the contract with the Commission; (7-1-93)

c. Meet timetables necessary to secure certification of the TRS program by the Federal Communications Commission; (7-1-93)

d. Issue (upon such terms as the Commission finds reasonable) a request for proposals to providers of message relay services requesting responsive proposals to provide such services that may be necessary for the program; (7-1-93)

e. Evaluate responsive proposals to offer TRS services and recommend one (1) or more proposals to the Commission for its review and approval; (7-1-93)

f. Enter into a contract with the provider of TRS, which contract and provider have been approved by the Commission; (7-1-93)

g. Consult with the Idaho State Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Idaho State Council on Developmental Disabilities concerning program design and delivery of message relay services to communications-impaired persons within the state of Idaho; and (7-1-93)

h. Perform other services concerning the program as may be deemed reasonable and necessary by the Commission or required by the Commission in its contract with the TRS Administrator. (7-1-93)

03. Contributions, Gifts and Grants. The Administrator may receive contributions, gifts and grant s on behalf of and in aid of the TRS program. The contributions, gifts and grants shall be deposited in the Idaho Telecommunications Relay Services Fund. (7-1-93)

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