Sec. 600.20 - Definitions

ยง 600.20. Definitions

As used in this Part:

"Admission" means a decision made by the Executive Director of the School to accept the nonresident student for enrollment in the School.

"Day" means calendar day unless otherwise specified in this Part. The time within which any action required under this Part must occur shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of Section 1.11 of the Statute on Statutes [5 ILCS 70/1.11].

"Director of Special Education" means the chief administrative officer of the special education programs and services of a school district or cooperative entity.

"Enrollment" means the decision by the nonresident student, parent or agency for the student to attend the School and the process of registering the nonresident student at the School.

"Fiscal Year" means the period of time from July 1 through June 30.

"Funding Source" means the individual or entity that has the responsibility for the payment of the cost for educational and related services, and room and board, for the nonresident student placed at the School; that is, the parent of the nonresident student, the state educational agency (SEA) of the state in which the student resides, the local educational agency (LEA) in which the student is enrolled or other state agency of the state in which the student resides.

"Individualized Education Program" or "IEP" has the meaning set forth at 34 CFR 300.22 (July 2014).

"Local Educational Agency" or "LEA" has the meaning set forth at 34 CFR 300.28 (July 2014).

"Medical Expenses" means any expenses related to medical services, excluding nursing or health services identified in the nonresident student's IEP, provided to the nonresident student, including, but not limited to, physician visits, physician-ordered ancillary services, and prescription and nonprescription drugs.

"Nonresident Student" means a student whose resident district is not located in the State of Illinois.

"Other State Agency" means a state office, officer, department, division, bureau or commission, or any other state body that is authorized to fund an educational placement.

"Parent" has the meaning set forth at 34 CFR 300.30 (July 2014), except as otherwise provided in 23 Ill. Adm. Code 226.690(a) (Transfer of Parental Rights).

"Per Diem Rate" is the maximum daily rate for educational and residential (i.e., room and board) services, as calculated by the State Superintendent of Education pursuant to Subpart C, that may be charged to a funding source for a nonresident student attending the School.

"Related Organization" means an organization that:

Directly or indirectly controls, or is controlled by, the School; or

Influences, or is influenced by, the School in terms of financial and operational policies; or

Is controlled or influenced by another organization that also controls or influences the School.

"Related Services" has the meaning set forth at 34 CFR 300.34 (July 2014).

"Resident District" means the school district in which the student resides as defined by any applicable laws of the state in which the student lives.

"Room and Board" means the cost of residential care services, which includes the costs customarily associated with the provision of food and dietary services, laundry services, housekeeping services, and other costs associated with the provision of domestic services (including salaries, wages, fringe benefits and supplies).

"School" means the school portion of the Philip J. Rock Center and School established under Section 14-11.02 of the School Code.

"State Educational Agency" or "SEA" has the meaning set forth at 34 CFR 300.41 (July 2014).

"Transportation Costs" means all costs related to the transportation of the nonresident student to and from the School for noneducational purposes and to and from his or her residence to the School (e.g., at the beginning or conclusion of the school term, during school breaks, upon the student's termination from the program for any reason, or upon his or her completion of the program).

"Tuition" means the cost of educational services (e.g., classroom instruction and other activities) provided during school hours and the cost of related services that are intended to meet the annual goals and the short-term objectives set forth in the nonresident student's IEP, to include instructional materials and supplies, as well as the salaries, wages and fringe benefits of the School's staff who provide educational and related services.

(Adopted at 39 Ill. Reg. 11132, effective July 23, 2015.)

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