Sec. 409.40 - Application for Youth Transitional Housing Program License in a Licensed Child Care Facility

ยง 409.40. Application for Youth Transitional Housing Program License in a Licensed Child Care Facility

a) Application for a Youth Transitional Housing Program license shall be completed by the officers of the governing body or its representatives for an agency or organization of a licensed child care facility where the program will operate on forms prescribed and furnished by the Department.

b) For the application to be considered complete, the following shall be attached to the application:

1) A copy of the child care facility license where the Youth Transitional Housing Program (YTHP) will operate;

2) A statement of purpose, including the types of youth to whom care is to be provided;

3) A comprehensive staffing plan that includes job descriptions and the qualifications of the staff to work in the YTHP. If the YTHP operates within a multi-service agency, those staff positions that perform no functions for the YTHP do not need to be included in the staffing plan; and

4) A list of persons subject to the background check requirements of 89 Ill. Adm. Code 385 (Background Checks) and each person's complete, signed authorization to conduct the background check.

c) In addition, the license applicant shall have the following items available for review when the licensing worker visits the agency or organization's headquarters:

1) Articles of incorporation and by-laws, indicating that the agency's corporate status is in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State; and, if a not-for-profit corporation under section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code ( 26 USC 501), a copy of the Internal Revenue Service ruling on the agency's exemption status from federal income tax and registration with the Charitable Trust Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General's office (if applicable);

2) A list of current employees and administrators who will work in or have oversight of the YTHP and employees and persons to whom the agency has made a commitment to hire to work at the YTHP; and

A) Certified transcripts of each employee's educational credentials (if obtained from a foreign school or university, the credentials must be translated into English and include a statement of equivalency in the United States educational system);

B) Verification of prior work history, when the work history is required to qualify for the current position; and

C) Copy of current professional license or registration, if required;

3) The agency or organization's written personnel policies, including written compensation policies and salary levels;

4) The agency or organization's written policies for providing service by referral;

5) The agency or organization's risk management plan developed in accordance with Appendix A of this Part;

6) The agency or organization's documentation of current public liability insurance in the amount of $300,000 per occurrence;

7) The agency or organization's code of ethics that has been adopted by the governing body that must be at least as stringent as the Code of Ethics for Child Welfare Professionals (published by the Office of Communications, Department of Children and Family Services, 406 E. Monroe Street, Station #65, Springfield, Illinois 62701, available at the Department website and

8) The agency or organization's financial management policies.

d) A new application shall be filed:

1) When an application for a license has been withdrawn, and the agency or organization seeks to reapply; or

2) When there is a change in:

A) The name of the licensee;

B) The address of the YTHP;

C) The organization or governing body; or

3) Not sooner than 12 months after the Department has revoked or refused to renew a license, and a new license is sought.

e) A new application may be submitted at any time when a program license, program permit or application has been voluntarily surrendered or withdrawn by the applicant.

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