Sec. 1060.150 - Driver Training School Responsibility for Employees

ยง 1060.150. Driver Training School Responsibility for Employees

a) No driver training school shall employ or otherwise retain any individual to give classroom instruction or behind-the-wheel instruction unless the individual has a valid, current driver training instructor's license for that school issued by the Secretary of State and meets the qualifications provided in Section 1060.120 of this Part.

b) Qualified and recognized experts in the fields of driver training, traffic regulation, or motor vehicle operation or maintenance may give occasional classroom lectures without having a valid current driver training instructor's license, provided the driver training school that secures the services of any such expert notifies the Office of the Secretary of State, Driver Training School Section, in advance, indicating the name, address and qualifications of the expert and the proposed lecture dates.

c) Any individual employed by, or associated with, any driver training school, and all acts performed by an instructor, shall be presumed acts within the scope of employment unless the school can provide competent evidence to the contrary.

d) If a licensed instructor is temporarily suspended, laid off or discharged by a driver training school, the school shall immediately notify the Secretary of State, on forms furnished by the Secretary of State, listing the name, address and license number of the instructor, termination date, and the reason for the termination. In all cases where an employee ceased working for the commercial driving school, whether it be a temporary lay-off or any other termination of his/her association with the school, the instructor must surrender his/her license to the Secretary of State.


Amended at 30 Ill. Reg. 11377, effective June 14, 2006


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