Sec. 1060.60 - Driver Training School Student Instruction Record

ยง 1060.60. Driver Training School Student Instruction Record

a) All driver training schools licensed by the Department shall maintain a permanent record of instruction given to each student in accordance with IVC Section 6-408. If records of the driver training school are kept on a computer, a hard copy must be retained for inspection purposes.

b) Each driver training school shall furnish the student a duplicate of his or her instruction record when the student completes all of the courses contracted for or otherwise ceases taking instruction at or with the school.

c) The branch office must maintain a copy of the student's instruction record and any other student records required by the Department for a minimum period of 6 months before transferring the records to the Main Office, where they shall be kept on file in accordance with IVC Section 6-408.

d) Road tests conducted at Secretary of State facilities and off-site commercial driving school testing sites are considered a part of instruction, and records of these tests shall be maintained by the driver training school.

e) Failure to maintain the required student instruction records, and/or the maintenance of incomplete records, shall be prima facie evidence that the required instruction was not administered.


Amended at 37 Ill. Reg. 4295, effective March 20, 2013


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