Sec. 1060.90 - Inspection of School Facilities

ยง 1060.90. Inspection of School Facilities

a) Each driver training school shall permit authorized representatives of the Office of the Secretary of State to make reasonable inspections of all of the school's facilities. During such inspections each owner, partner, associates, corporate director, officer, manager or employee of any driver training school shall cooperate with the authorized representative and upon demand shall exhibit all records, instructional aids and other objects which are pertinent and necessary to the inspection or investigation.

b) Representatives of the Office of the Secretary of State shall make periodic, on the street checks of any instructor who is giving behind-the-wheel instruction to a student. Upon proper identification, the Secretary of State's representative may ask to see the student's driving permit or license and the instructor's license to teach driver training issued by the Secretary of State and any other identification to attest to the identity of the instructor or student.


Amended at 18 Ill. Reg. 7788, effective May 9, 1994


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