Sec. 556.160 - Multiple Hazards

ยง 556.160. Multiple Hazards

a) Pupils walking to school may encounter multiple hazardous situations. A serious safety hazard exists if the total of the points from the tables and any judgment points for any two situations encountered by the same pupils equals or exceeds 20 points. Multiple hazards consist of the two worst hazard situations.

b) Examples:

1) Pupils through 12th grade walking on a shoulder 4' wide where there is no curb, along a 2-lane road posted at 40 m.p.h. with an hourly volume of 1100 vehicles, for a distance of 0.5 mile, would have the following points for this Type I hazard (see tables in Section 556.120(b)(1)):

2(Table 1) + 3(Table 2) + 2(Table 3) + 3(Table 4) + 1(Table 5) = 11

This situation alone would not qualify.

2) The same pupils also cross the same 2-lane road which is 30' wide at the crossing where there is no intersection control for the roadway being crossed. The points for this Type III hazard are as follows (see tables in Section 556.140(b)(1)):

2(Table 11) + 3(Table 12) + 3(Table 13) + 1(Table 14) = 9

This situation alone would not qualify. However, the same pupils encounter both situations and since the point total for both situations equals 20, there exists a serious safety hazard for pupils through 12th grade.


Renumbered from Section 556.107 to Section 556.160 and amended at 25 Ill. Reg. 16518, effective December 18, 2001


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