Iowa Admin. Code r. 11-63.5 - Leave without pay.

A permanent or probationary employee, on written request and written approval by the appointing authority, may be granted leave without pay for any reason deemed satisfactory to the appointing authority, subject to the following conditions:

(1) Leave without pay shall not originally be granted for more than 12 consecutive months. Accrued leave need not be exhausted before leave without pay is granted except that accrued sick leave must be exhausted if the reason for leave without pay is due to a medically related disability. The determination to require the exhaustion of any or all accrued leave shall rest with the appointing authority except as provided in subrule 63.5(4). On written request, prior to the expiration of a granted leave, the appointing authority may, in writing, grant an extension of the leave without pay. The approved leave without pay extension may not be for more than an additional 12 consecutive months, unless otherwise approved by the director.
(2) Failure by the employee to report back to work on the date specified in the written request shall be considered a voluntary resignation unless otherwise approved by the appointing authority. A written statement accepting the resignation shall be sent to the employee by the appointing authority and a copy sent to the director.
(3) Employees who do not supplement workers' compensation with sick leave, vacation or compensatory leave, and who are kept on the payroll in a nonpay status for more than 30 calendar days, shall be placed on leave without pay for purposes of probationary periods and other benefits. A written statement to this effect shall be sent to the employee within three days following the action by the appointing authority.
(4) When requested in writing and verified by the employee's physician or other licensed practitioner, an employee shall be granted sick leave for at least an eight-week period when the purpose is to provide recovery from a medically related disability. If the employee's accrued sick leave is exhausted prior to completion of the eight-week period, the employee shall be granted additional leave, paid or unpaid, for the remainder of the period, in accordance with these rules. The appointing authority may grant leave in excess of the eight-week period. Paid leave shall not be granted in excess of that accrued. At any time during the period of leave, the appointing authority may require that the employee submit written verification of continuing disability from the employee's physician or other licensed practitioner. In addition to the reason listed, subrule 63.5(2) shall also apply under the following circumstances:
a. The employee fails or refuses to supply the requested verification of continued disability.
b. The verification does not clearly show sufficient continuing reason that would prevent the performance of the employee's regular work duties.
c. The employee is shown to be performing work which is incompatible with the purpose for which the leave without pay was granted.
(5) If an employee applies for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, any leave without pay under the Family and Medical Leave Act shall run concurrently with the leave granted under this rule.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 11-63.5
ARC 0401C, lAB 10/17/12, effective 11/21/12 Amended by IAB July 19, 2017/Volume XL, Number 2, effective 7/1/2017

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