Iowa Admin. Code r. 161-11.4 - Access to confidential records

Under Iowa Code section 22.7 or other applicable provisions of law, the lawful custodian may disclose certain confidential records to one or more members of the public. Other provisions of law may authorize or require the custodian to release specified confidential records under certain circumstances or to particular persons. In requesting the custodian to permit the examination and copying of such a confidential record, the following procedures apply and are in addition to those specified for requests for access to records in rule 161-11.3 (17A,22,216).

(1) Proof of identity. A person requesting access to a confidential record may be required to provide proof of identity or authority to secure access to the record.
(2) Requests. The custodian may require that a request to examine and copy a confidential record be in writing. A person requesting access to such a record may be required to sign a certified statement or affidavit enumerating the specific reasons justifying access to the confidential record and to provide any proof necessary to establish relevant facts.
(3) Notice to subject of record and opportunity to obtain injunction. After the custodian receives a request for access to a confidential record, and before the custodian releases such a record, the custodian may make reasonable efforts to notify promptly any person who is a subject of that record, is identified in that record, and whose address or telephone number is contained in that record. To the extent such a delay is practicable and in the public interest, the custodian may give the subject of such a confidential record to whom notification is transmitted a reasonable opportunity to seek an injunction under Iowa Code section 22.8, and indicate to the subject of the record the specific period of time during which disclosure will be delayed for that purpose.
(4) Request denied. When the custodian denies a request for access to a confidential record, the custodian shall promptly notify the requester If the requester indicates to the custodian that a written notification of the denial is desired, the custodian shall promptly provide such a notification that is signed by the custodian and that includes:
a. The name and title or position of the custodian responsible for the denial; and
b. A citation to the provision of law vesting authority in the custodian to deny disclosure of the record and a brief statement of the reasons for the denial to this requester
(5) Request granted. When the custodian grants a request for access to a confidential record to a particular person, the custodian shall notify that person and indicate any lawful restrictions imposed by the custodian on that person's examination and copying of the record.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 161-11.4

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