Iowa Admin. Code r. 281-21.3 - Associate of arts and associate of science transfer major programs

(1) General program. Each community college shall offer a general college parallel program of study leading to an associate of arts award or an associate of science award, pursuant to subrules 21.2(9) and 21.4(2). These programs shall offer courses equivalent to the first two years of a baccalaureate program and shall not be discipline-specific.
(2) Transfer majors. A community college may establish discipline-specific transfer major programs to improve student recruitment, advising, and success and enhance transferability of associate-level courses into aligned baccalaureate degree programs. The transfer major program shall consist of discipline-relevant credits from an approved discipline framework which satisfies the requirements of paragraph 21.3(2)"b." A community college shall ensure all students are appropriately advised regarding the availability, structure, purpose, and other pertinent information related to the transfer major program.
a. Degree option. A transfer major shall be embedded within an associate of arts or associate of science degree which meets the requirements of this chapter and any applicable statewide transfer agreement between the Iowa community colleges and public universities. Credits within the transfer major may be utilized to fulfill the general education requirements of an associate of arts or associate of science degree, as appropriate.
b. Discipline framework. Each approved transfer major program shall adhere to the appropriate adopted discipline framework to ensure transferability with the aligned baccalaureate program of study at one or more public universities in Iowa.
(1) A discipline framework shall consist of a minimum of 18 discipline-relevant semester credits (27 quarter credits) that align with a framework of elements based on accepted practices of an aligned baccalaureate degree program of study at a public university in Iowa.
(2) The courses within the discipline framework shall articulate with a regionally accredited public university in Iowa so that the course credits are recognized by the university as fulfilling equivalent course requirements in at least one aligned baccalaureate degree program of study.
(3) If the requirements of subparagraph 21.3(2)"b"(2) cannot be achieved with at least one regionally accredited public university in Iowa, a request may be submitted to the department for articulation with a regionally accredited public institution in a contiguous state or a group of no less than three regionally accredited private postsecondary institutions which confer baccalaureate degrees, are based in Iowa, and are approved under Iowa Code chapter 261 to operate in the state of Iowa.
(4) The discipline framework shall be developed and adopted by a statewide committee convened by the department.
c. Use of term. Consistent with department guidance, each community college shall exclusively use the term "transfer major" to record the completion of an approved transfer major program on the student's official transcript and other academic records, publish in the college catalog, and market the transfer major program to current and potential students and the general public. A community college shall not transcript, catalog, or market an associate of arts or associate of science program using other terms which contain or are synonymous with the term "major" or which imply a specialization within a subject area.
(3) Approval. Per Iowa Code section 260C.14, each transfer major program shall be submitted to the department for approval utilizing the state system for program management. Approval shall be obtained prior to the enrollment of students in the transfer major program. The approval process shall not include components specific to career and technical education program approval, including advisory committees and labor market analysis.
(4) Reporting. Each community college shall comply with data reporting requirements established by the department. The department shall produce and make available a report detailing enrollment and outcomes of participants in transfer major programs.
(5) Effective date. The requirements of this rule shall take effect beginning with the 2019-2020 academic year. In implementing the provisions of this rule, the department shall consult key stakeholders including, but not limited to, representatives of Iowa's community colleges and public universities.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 281-21.3
Rescinded IAB 4/7/10, effective 5/12/10. Amended by IAB August 29, 2018/Volume XLI, Number 5, effective 10/3/2018

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