Iowa Admin. Code r. 286-11.4 - Intervention

(1) Persons who qualify under any applicable provision of law as an intervenor and who file a petition for intervention within 15 days of the filing of a petition for declaratory order (after time for notice under rule 11.3(17A) and before 30-day time for division action under rule 11.9(17A)) shall be allowed to intervene in a proceeding for a declaratory order
(2) Any person who files a petition for intervention at any time prior to the issuance of an order may be allowed to intervene in a proceeding for a declaratory order at the discretion of the division.
(3) A petition for intervention shall be filed at the State Library, Ola Babcock Miller Building, 1112 E. Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50319. Such a petition is deemed filed when it is received by that office. The division will provide the petitioner with a file-stamped copy of the petition for intervention if the petitioner provides an extra copy for this purpose. The petition must be dated and signed by the intervenor or the intervenor's representative. It must also include the name, mailing address, and telephone number of the intervenor and intervenor's representative, and a statement indicating the person to whom communications should be directed. A petition for intervention must be typewritten or legibly handwritten in ink and must substantially conform to the following form:


Petition by (Name of Original Petitioner) for a Declaratory Order on (Cite provisions of law involved)



The petition for intervention must provide the following information:

1. Facts supporting the intervenor's standing and qualifications for intervention.
2. The answers urged by the intervenor to the question or questions presented and a summary of the reasons urged in support of those answers.
3. Reasons for requesting intervention and disclosure of the intervenor's interest in the outcome.
4. A statement indicating whether the intervenor is currently a party to any proceeding involving the questions at issue and whether, to the intervenor's knowledge, those questions have been decided by, are pending determination by, or are under investigation by any governmental entity.
5. The names and addresses of any additional persons or a description of any additional class of persons known by the intervenor to be affected by or interested in the questions presented.
6. Whether the intervenor consents to be bound by the determination of the matters presented in the declaratory order proceeding.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 286-11.4
ARC 7597B, lAB 2/25/09, effective 4/1/09

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