Iowa Admin. Code r. 441-130.3 - Eligibility

(1) Eligibility factors for services available through the department are individual need for a service and family income except when services are provided without regard to income or when services are directed in a court order.
a. Individual need is established when the service to be provided is directed at and will facilitate an individual in reaching or maintaining one of the goals and objectives in 130.7(1). Except when the court establishes need, the department shall do so in accordance with individual service chapters. The department shall determine the number of units to be provided.
b. The block grant service to be provided shall be contained in the pre-expenditure report and listed for the specific district and county. Service available through the department and funded by resources other than the social service block grant is identified in rules for that specific service.
c. Service shall be provided only when funds are available for service delivery.
d. Persons are financially eligible for services when they are in one of the following categories:
(1) Income maintenance status. They are recipients of the family investment program, or those whose income was taken into account in determining the needs of family investment program recipients, or recipients of supplemental security income or state supplementary assistance, or those in the 300 percent group as defined in 441-subrule 75.1(7).
(2) Income eligible status. The monthly gross income is based on family size. Family size income levels are found at
e. Certain services are provided without regard to income which means family income is not considered in determining eligibility. The services provided without regard to income are information and referral, child protective assessment, child abuse treatment, child abuse prevention services, including protective child care services, family-centered services, dependent adult abuse evaluation, dependent adult abuse treatment, dependent adult abuse prevention services, and purchased adoption services to individuals and families referred by the department.
f. In certain cases the department will provide services directed in a court order.
(2) To be eligible for services the person must be living in the state of Iowa. Living in the state shall include those persons living in Iowa for a temporary period, other than for the purpose of vacation.
(3) In determining gross income, all income received by an individual from sources identified by the U.S. Census Bureau in computing median income is considered and includes money wages or salary, net income from nonfarm self-employment, net income from farm self-employment, social security, dividends, interest, income from estates or trusts, net rental income and royalties, public assistance or welfare payments, pensions and annuities, unemployment compensation, worker's compensation, alimony, child support; and veterans pensions. Excluded from the computation of monthly gross income are the following:
a. Per capita payments to or funds held in trust for any individual in satisfaction of a judgment of the Indian claims commission or the court of claims.
b. Payments made pursuant to the Alaska Claims Settlement Act to the extent such payments are exempt from taxation under Section 21(a) of the Act.
c. Money received from the sale of property, unless the person was engaged in the business of selling such property.
d. Withdrawals of bank deposits.
e. Money borrowed.
f. Tax refunds.
g. Gifts.
h. Lump sum inheritances or insurance payments or settlements.
i. Capital gains.
j. The value of the coupon allotment under the Food Stamp Act of 1964, as amended, in excess of the amount paid for the coupons.
k. The value of USDA donated foods.
l. The value of supplemental food assistance under the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 and the special food program for children under the National School Lunch Act, as amended.
m. Earnings of a child 14 years of age or under.
n. Loans and grants obtained and used under conditions that preclude their use for current living expenses.
o. Any grant or loan to any undergraduate student for educational purposes made or insured under the Higher Education Act.
p. Home produce utilized for household consumption.
q. Earnings received by any youth under Title III, Part C-Youth Employment Demonstration Program of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973.
r. Stipends received by persons for participating in the foster grandparent program.
s. The first $65 plus 50 percent of the remainder of income earned in a sheltered workshop or work activity setting.
t. Payments from the low-income home energy assistance program.
u. In determining eligibility for purchase of local services, one-third of the income of a disabled survivor who is a recipient of child's insurance benefits under the federal old-age, survivors, and disability insurance program established under Title II of the federal Social Security Act.
v. In determining eligibility for purchase of local services, one-third of the income of a person who receives social security permanent disability benefits.
w. Agent Orange settlement payments.
x. and
y. Reserved.
z. Moneys received under the federal Social Security Persons Achieving Self-Sufficiency (PASS) program or the Income-Related Work Expense (IRWE) program.
(4) Reserved.
(5) Temporary absence. The composition of the family group does not change when one, or more, of the group members is temporarily absent from the household.

"Temporary absence" means:

a. A medical absence anticipated to be less than three months.
b. An absence for the purpose of education or employment.
c. When a family member is absent and intends to return home within three months.

This rule is intended to implement Iowa Code section 234.6.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 441-130.3
Amended by IAB September 7, 2022/Volume XLV, Number 5, effective 11/1/2022

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