RULE 441-66.5 - Household eligibility

RULE 441-66.5. Household eligibility

Household eligibility is determined by residence, household size, and income.

(1) Residence. Household members shall be residing in the state of Iowa.

(2) Household size. Household size is determined by the number of people living in a dwelling, excluding boarders, as household is defined at 441-66.1 (234).

(3) Income eligibility. All earned and unearned income of the household shall be considered in determining eligibility.

a. Income defined. Income means all income received by an individual from sources identified by the U.S. Census Bureau in computing median income and includes:

(1) Money wages or salary;

(2) Net income from nonfarm self-employment;

(3) Net income from farm self-employment;

(4) Dividends;

(5) Interest;

(6) Income from estates or trusts;

(7) Net rental income and royalties;

(8) Public assistance or welfare payments;

(9) Pensions and annuities;

(10) Workers' compensation;

(11) Alimony;

(12) Child support;

(13) Veterans' pensions;

(14) Social security;

(15) Railroad retirement;

(16) Supplemental security income;

(17) State or federal assistance;

(18) Veterans' benefits;

(19) Black lung benefits;

(20) All disability pensions;

(21) State supplementary assistance;

(22) Unemployment compensation benefits; and

(23) Income from minors under 16 years of age.

b. Determination of income. Earned or unearned income shall be the gross annual, monthly, or weekly income.

(1) Biweekly income shall be multiplied by 2.15 to determine monthly income.

(2) Adjusted gross self-employment income shall be averaged over a 12-month period.

(3) Income received from interest and dividends shall be averaged over a 12-month period.

(4) The amount of income that stops or starts during the month shall be estimated based on the best information available.

c. Income exclusions. When calculating total household income for this program, all income shall be excluded that is specifically excluded for food assistance by federal statute, especially those sources listed in federal regulations at 7 CFR 273.9(c)(10) as published on January 1, 2005.

d. Income guidelines. Households are eligible for TEFAP when the countable household income is at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty guidelines. These federal guidelines are revised annually, effective every July 1. The department shall forward these income guidelines annually to contractors.

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