Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-11.12 - Progressive slot machines

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 20, April 6, 2022

(1) Meter required. A progressive machine is a slot machine game with an award amount that increases based on a function of credits bet on the slot machine and that is awarded when a particular configuration of symbols or events is displayed on the slot machine. Random events generating awards independent of the base slot machine game and not dependent on any specific slot machine game shall be considered bonus features. A progressive slot machine or group of linked progressive slot machines must have a meter showing the progressive jackpot payout.
(2) Progressive controllers. The reset or base value and the rate of increment of a progressive jackpot game must be filed with a commission representative prior to implementation. A reset or base value must equal or exceed the equivalent nonprogressive jackpot payout.
(3) Limits. A facility may impose a limit on the progressive jackpot payout of a slot machine if the limit imposed is greater than the progressive jackpot payout at the time the limit is imposed. The facility must prominently display a notice informing the public of the limit. No progressive meter may be turned back to a lesser amount unless one of the following circumstances occurs:
a. The amount shown on the progressive meter is paid to a player as a jackpot.
b. It is necessary to adjust the progressive meter to prevent it from displaying an amount greater than the limit imposed by the facility.
c. It is necessary to change the progressive indicator because of game malfunction.
(4) Transfer of jackpots. In the event of malfunction, replacement, or other reason approved by the commission, a progressive jackpot that is removed shall be transferred, less the reset value, to other progressive slot machine jackpots of similar progressive wager and probability at the same facility within 30 days from the removal date. In the event a similar progressive jackpot at the same facility is unavailable, other transfers shall be allowed. A commission representative shall be notified in writing prior to a removal or transfer.
(5) Records required. Records must be maintained that record the amount shown on a progressive jackpot meter. Supporting documents must be maintained to explain any reduction in the payoff amount from a previous entry. The records and documents must be retained for a period of three years unless permission to destroy them earlier is given in writing by the administrator.
(6) Transfer of progressive slot machines. A progressive slot machine, upon permission of the administrator, may be moved to a different facility if a bankruptcy, loss of license, or other good cause warrants.
(7) Linked machines. Each machine on the link shall have the same probability of winning the progressive jackpot, adjusted for the total amount wagered. The probability of winning the progressive jackpot multiplied by the maximum amount wagered shall be within the maximum allowable tolerance for all games on the link. For the purpose of this calculation, the maximum allowable tolerance when linked with any other game shall be the product of the probability of winning the progressive jackpot, adjusted for amount wagered, multiplied by:
a. 1 percent (0.01) for games where the probability of winning the progressive jackpot is less frequent than or equal to 1 in 100,000; or
b. 5 percent (0.05) for games where the probability of winning the progressive jackpot is more frequent than 1 in 100,000.
(8) Wide area progressive systems. A wide area progressive system is a method of linking progressive slot machines or electronic gaming machines by secured data communication as part of a network that connects participating facilities. The purpose of a wide area progressive system is to offer a common progressive jackpot (system jackpot) at all participating locations within Iowa or in multiple states. The operation of a wide area progressive system (multilink) is permitted, subject to the following conditions:
a. The provider of a multilink (provider) shall be an entity licensed as a manufacturer, a distributor, or an operator of gambling games within the state of Iowa or be the qualified parent company of an operator of gambling games within the state of Iowa. No entity shall be licensed for the sole purpose of providing a multilink.
b. Prior to operation of a multilink, the provider shall submit to the administrator for review and approval information sufficient to determine the integrity and security of the multilink. The information must include, but is not limited to, the following:
(1) Central system site location, specifications, and operational procedures.
(2) Encryption and method of secured communication over the multilink and between facilities.
(3) Method and process for obtaining meter data from slot machines on the multilink.
(4) Disbursement options for jackpot payoffs, including information for periodic payments. Periodic payment information, including number of payments and time between payments must be displayed as part of the slot machine pay table or prominently displayed on the face of the slot machine.
(5) Jackpot contribution rates, including information sufficient to determine contributions to the jackpot are consistent across all entities participating in the multilink. Any subsequent changes to the contribution rate of a multilink jackpot must be submitted to the administrator for review and approval.
(6) Jackpot verification procedures.
(7) Jackpot discontinuation procedures, including procedures for distribution of contributions to another jackpot or return of pro rata shares to participating facilities.
c. The provider of the multilink shall, upon request, supply reports and information to the administrator which detail the contributions and economic activity of the system, subject to the following requirements:
(1) Aggregate and detail reports that show both the economic activity of the entire multilink, as well as details of each machine on the multilink.
(2) Upon invoicing a facility, details regarding each machine at the facility and each machine's contribution to the multilink for the period of the invoice shall be supplied, as well as any other details required by the administrator.
d. Concurrent jackpots which occur before the multilink jackpot meters show reset and updated jackpot amounts will be deemed to have occurred simultaneously. Each winner shall receive the full amount shown on the system jackpot meter.
e. The provider must suspend play on the multilink if a communication failure of the system cannot be corrected within 24 consecutive hours.
f. A meter that shows the amount of the system jackpot must be conspicuously displayed at or near the machines to which the jackpot applies. Jackpot meters may show amounts that differ from the actual system jackpot, due to delays in communication between sites and the central system, but meters shall not display an incorrect amount for an awarded jackpot.
g. In calculating adjusted gross receipts, a facility may deduct its pro rata share of the present value of any system jackpots awarded. Such deduction shall be listed on the detailed accounting records supplied by the provider. A facility's pro rata share is based on the amount of coin-in from that facility's machines on the multilink, compared to the total amount of coin-in on the whole system for the time period between awarded jackpots.
h. In the event a facility ceases operations and a progressive jackpot is awarded subsequent to the last day of the final month of operation, the facility may not file an amended wagering tax submission or make a claim for a wagering tax refund based on its contributions to that particular progressive prize pool.
i. The payment of any system jackpot offered on a multilink shall be administered by the provider, and the provider shall have sole liability for payment of any system jackpot the provider administers.
j. The provider shall comply with the following:
(1) A reserve shall be established and maintained by the provider in an amount of not less than the sum of the following amounts:
1. The present value of the amount currently reflected on the jackpot meters of the multilink.
2. The present value of one additional reset (start amount) of the multilink.
(2) For system jackpots disbursed in periodic payments, a provider shall fund the periodic payments within 90 days of the notice of the jackpot award with:
1. Purchase of a qualified investment. A copy of such qualified investment shall be provided to the administrator within 30 days of purchase. Any qualified investment shall have a surrender value at maturity, excluding any interest paid before the maturity date, equal to or greater than the value of the corresponding periodic jackpot payment and shall have a maturity date prior to the date the periodic jackpot payment is required to be made; or
2. A surety bond or an irrevocable letter of credit with an independent financial institution which provides periodic payments to a winner should the establishment default for any reason. The written agreement establishing a surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit shall be submitted to the administrator within 30 days of purchase; or
3. An irrevocable trust with an independent financial institution in accordance with a written trust agreement approved by the administrator which provides periodic payments from an unallocated pool of assets to a group of winners and which shall expressly prohibit the winner from encumbering, assigning or otherwise transferring in any way the winner's right to receive the deferred portion of the winnings except to the winner's estate. The assets of the trust shall consist of federal government securities including but not limited to treasury bills, treasury bonds, savings bonds or other federally guaranteed securities in an amount sufficient to meet the periodic payments as required; or
4. Another irrevocable method of providing the periodic payments to a winning player consistent with the purpose of this subparagraph, and which is approved by the administrator prior to implementation.
(3) The provider shall not be permitted to sell, trade, or otherwise dispose of any periodic payment funding unless approval to do so is first obtained from the administrator.
(4) Upon becoming aware of an event of noncompliance with the terms of the reserve requirement mandated by subparagraph 11.12(8)"j "(1) above, or in the event of nonpayment of a periodic payment directly by the provider, the provider must immediately notify the administrator. An event of noncompliance includes a nonpayment of a jackpot periodic payment or a circumstance which may cause the provider to be unable to fulfill, or which may otherwise impair the provider's ability to satisfy, the provider's jackpot payment obligations.
(5) On a quarterly basis, the provider must deliver to the administrator a calculation of system reserves required under subparagraph h 11.12(8)"j"(1) above. The calculation shall come with a certification of financial compliance signed by a duly authorized financial officer of the provider, on a form prescribed by the administrator, validating the calculation.
(6) On an annual basis, the provider must deliver to the administrator updated information sufficient to determine compliance with the funding requirements of all outstanding periodic payments. This shall include an updated listing of all winners showing outstanding periodic payment amounts and any updates to funding documents and agreements. The updated information shall come with a certification of compliance signed by a duly authorized financial officer of the provider.
(7) The reserve required under subparagraph 11.12(8)"j "(1) must be examined by an independent certified public accountant according to procedures approved by the administrator. Two copies of the report must be submitted to the administrator within 90 days after the conclusion of the provider's fiscal year.
(8) The administrator may require additional information or audits at any time to ensure compliance with this paragraph.
k. For system jackpots disbursed in periodic payments, subsequent to the date of the win, a winner may be offered the option to receive, in lieu of periodic payments, a discounted single cash payment in the form of a "qualified prize option," as that term is defined in Section 451(h) of the Internal Revenue Code. The provider shall calculate the single cash payment based on the discount rate. Until the new discount rate becomes effective, the discount rate selected by the provider shall be used to calculate the single cash payment for all qualified prizes that occur subsequent to the date of the selected discount rate.
l. Multilinks to be offered in conjunction with jurisdictions in other states within the United States are permitted. Multistate multilinks are subject to the requirements of this subrule; in addition, any multistate plans or controls are subject to administrator review and approval.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-11.12
ARC 7757B, lAB 5/6/09, effective 6/10/09; ARC 8029B, lAB 8/12/09, effective 9/16/09; ARC 9018B, lAB 8/25/10, effective 9/29/10 Amended by IAB February 18, 2015/Volume XXXVII, Number 17, effective 3/25/2015 Amended by IAB February 1, 2017/Volume XXXIX, Number 16, effective 3/8/2017 Amended by IAB March 27, 2019/Volume XLI, Number 20, effective 5/1/2019

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