Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-11.4 - Approval for distribution, operation, or movement of gambling games and implements of gambling

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 20, April 6, 2022

(1) Approval. Prior to distribution, a distributor shall request that the administrator inspect, investigate, and approve a gambling game or implement of gambling for compliance with commission rules and the standards required by a commission-designated independent testing facility. The distributor, at its own expense, must provide the administrator and independent testing facility with information and product sufficient to determine the integrity and security of the product, including independent testing conducted by a designated testing facility. The commission shall designate up to two independent testing facilities for the purpose of certifying electronic gambling games or implements of gambling.
(2) Trial period. Prior to or after commission approval and after completing a review of a proposed gambling game, the administrator may require a trial period of up to 180 days to test the gambling game in a facility. During the trial period, minor changes in the operation or design of the gambling game may be made with prior approval of the administrator. During the trial period, a gambling game distributor shall not be entitled to receive revenue of any kind from the operation of that gambling game.
(3) Gambling game submissions. Prior to conducting a commission-authorized gambling game or for a trial period, a facility shall submit proposals for game rules, procedures, wagers, shuffling procedures, dealing procedures, cutting procedures, and payout odds. The gambling game submission, or requests for modification to an approved submission, shall be in writing and approved by the administrator or a commission representative prior to implementation.
(4) Public notice. The public shall have access to the rules of play, payout schedules, and permitted wagering amounts. Signage shall be conspicuously posted on the gaming floor to direct patrons to the gaming floor area where this information can be viewed. All participants in all licensed gambling games are required to know and follow the rules of play. No forms of cheating shall be permitted.
(5) Operation. Each gambling game shall operate and play in accordance with the representation made to the commission and the public at all times. The administrator or commission representative may order the withdrawal of any gambling game suspected of malfunction or misrepresentation, until all deficiencies are corrected. The administrator or commission representative may require additional testing by an independent testing facility at the expense of the licensee or distributor for the purpose of complying with this subrule.
(6) Distribution, movement and disposal.
a. Except as otherwise authorized by the administrator, written notice, submitted by facsimile or electronic mail, shall be filed with the commission when a gambling game or implement of gambling is shipped, moved or disposed of. The written notice shall be provided as follows:
(1) At least five calendar days prior to arrival of a gambling game or implement of gambling at a licensed facility, the licensed distributor shall provide notice.
(2) At least one day before a gambling game is removed from or disposed of by a licensed facility, the licensed facility or the owner shall provide notice. All methods of disposal for gambling games or implements of gambling are subject to administrator approval.
b. The administrator may approve licensee transfers of gambling games or implements of gambling among subsidiaries of the licensee's parent company.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-11.4
ARC 8029B, IAB 8/12/09, effective 9/16/09; ARC 9018B, IAB 8/25/10, effective 9/29/10; ARC 1456C, IAB 5/14/2014, effective 6/18/2014

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