Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-4.5 - Gaming board-duties

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 20, April 6, 2022

The gaming board conducts informal hearings whenever the board has reasonable cause to believe that a licensee, an occupational licensee, or other persons have committed an act or engaged in conduct which is in violation of statute or commission rules. The hearings precede a contested case hearing and are investigative in nature. The following procedures will apply:

(1) The gaming board shall consist of three gaming representatives, as assigned by the administrator. The administrator has the discretion to create more than one gaming board, to set terms for gaming board members, to assign alternates, and to make any decisions necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the gaming board. A gaming representative who has made a referral to the gaming board shall not sit on the board that makes a decision on the referral.
(2) The administrator may designate an employee to act as gaming board coordinator. The gaming board coordinator shall have the power to assist and advise the gaming board through all aspects of the gaming board hearing process. The gaming board coordinator may review any referral from gaming representatives prior to setting the matter for hearing before the gaming board. The gaming board coordinator, in consultation with the administrator or the administrator's designee, may return the referral to the initiating gaming representative if the information provided appears insufficient to establish a violation. The gaming board coordinator shall otherwise assist the gaming board in setting the matter for hearing.
(3) The gaming board, upon receipt of a referral, may review the referral prior to the hearing. The gaming board may return a referral to the initiating gaming representative on its own motion prior to hearing if the information provided appears insufficient to establish a violation.
(4) Upon finding of reasonable cause, the board shall schedule a hearing to which the license holder shall be summoned for the purpose of investigating suspected or alleged misconduct by the license holder, at which all board members or their appointed representatives shall be present in person or by teleconference. The license holder may request a continuance for good cause in writing not less than 24 hours prior to the hearing except in cases of unanticipated emergencies. The continuance need not necessarily stay any intermediate sanctions.
(5) The notice of hearing given to the license holder shall give adequate notice of the time, place and purpose of the board's hearing and shall specify by number the statutes or rules allegedly violated. If a license holder, after receiving adequate notice of a board meeting, fails to appear as summoned, the license holder will be deemed to have waived any right to appear and present evidence to the board.
(6) The gaming board has complete and total authority to decide all issues concerning the process of the hearing. The gaming board shall recognize witnesses and either question the witnesses or allow them to give a narrative account of the facts relevant to the case. The gaming board has the right to request witnesses or additional documents that have not been submitted by the initiating gaming representative. The licensee has no right to present testimony, cross-examine witnesses, make objections, or present argument, unless specifically authorized by the gaming board.
(7) It is the duty and obligation of every licensee to make full disclosure at a hearing before the board of any knowledge possessed regarding the violation of any rule, regulation or law concerning racing and gaming in Iowa. No person may refuse to testify before the board at any hearing on any relevant matter within the authority of the board, except in the proper exercise of a legal privilege. No person shall falsely testify before the board.
(8) Persons who are not holders of a license or occupational license and who have allegedly violated commission rules or statute, or whose presence at a licensed facility is allegedly undesirable, are subject to the authority of the board and to any penalties, as set forth in rule 491-4.7 (99D,99F).
(9) The gaming board has the power to interpret the rules and to decide all questions not specifically covered by them. The board has the power to determine all questions arising with reference to the conduct of gaming, and the authority to decide any question or dispute relating to racing or gaming in compliance with rules promulgated by the commission or policies approved for licensees, and persons participating in licensed racing or gaming agree in so doing to recognize and accept that authority. The board may also suspend the license of any license holder when the board has reasonable cause to believe that a violation of law or rule has been committed and that the continued performance of that individual in a licensed capacity would be injurious to the best interests of racing or gaming.
(10) The gaming board shall enter a written decision after each hearing. The decision shall find whether there is a violation of the rules or statutes and, if so, shall briefly set forth the legal and factual basis for the finding. The decision shall also establish a penalty for any violation. The gaming board has the authority to impose any penalty as set forth in these rules.
(11) Rescinded IAB 9/29/04, effective 11/3/04.
(12) Upon the filing of a timely and perfected appeal, the licensee has the right to a contested case proceeding, as set forth supra in these rules.
(13) Informal settlements. A licensee may enter into a written stipulation representing an informed mutual consent with a gaming representative. This stipulation must specifically outline the violation and the penalty imposed. Stipulations must be approved by the gaming board. Stipulations are considered final agency action and cannot be appealed.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-4.5
Amended by IAB February 1, 2017/Volume XXXIX, Number 16, effective 3/8/2017 Amended by IAB August 28, 2019/Volume XLII, Number 5, effective 7/31/2019 Amended by IAB April 8, 2020/Volume XLII, Number 21, effective 5/13/2020

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