Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-5.6 - Excursion gambling boat uniform requirements

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 20, April 6, 2022

(1) Excursion gambling boat.
a. Capacity. The minimum passenger capacity necessary for an excursion gambling boat is 250.
b. Excursion boat. A self-propelled, floating "vessel" as defined by the U.S. Coast Guard may contain more than one vessel. In order to be utilized for gaming purposes, the vessel containing the casino must either contain a permanent means of propulsion or have its means of propulsion contained in an attached vessel. In the event that the vessel containing the casino is propelled by a second vessel, the boat will be considered self-propelled only when the vessels are designed, constructed, and operated as a single imit.
c. Moored barge. "Barge" means any stationary structure approved by the commission, where the entire gaming floor is located on or near a body of water as defined under Iowa Code section 99F.7, subsection I, and which facility is subject to land-based building codes rather than maritime or Iowa department of natural resources inspection laws and regulations.
(2) Excursions.
a. Length. The excursion season shall be from April I through October 31 of each calendar year. An excursion boat must operate at least one excursion during the excursion season to operate during the off-season, although a waiver may be granted by the commission in the first year of a boat's operation if construction of the boat was not completed in time for the boat to qualify. Excursions shall consist of a minimum of one hour in transit during the excursion season. The number of excursions per day is not limited. During the excursion season and the off-season, while the excursion gambling boat is docked, passengers may embark or disembark at any time during business hours pursuant to Iowa Code section 99F.4(17).
b. Dockside completion of excursions. If, during the excursion season, the captain determines that it would be imsafe to complete any portion of an excursion, or if mechanical problems prevent the completion of any portion of an excursion, the boat may be allowed to remain at the dock or, if the excursion is underway, return to the dock and conduct the gaming portion of the excursion while dockside, unless the captain determines that passenger safety is threatened.
c. Notification. If an excursion is not completed due to reasons specified in paragraph 5.6(2)"b," a commission representative shall be notified as soon as is practical.
(3) Drug testing of boat operators. Captains, pilots, and physical operators of excursion gambling boats shall be drug tested, as permitted by Iowa Code section 730.5, on a continuous basis with no more than 60 days between tests. The testing shall be conducted by a laboratory certified by the United States Department of Health and Human Services or approved under the rules adopted by the Iowa department of public health. The facility shall report positive test results to a commission representative.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-5.6

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