Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-6.2 - Occupational licensing

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 20, April 6, 2022

(1) All licensees for internet fantasy sports contests and all persons participating in any capacity at a racing or gaming facility, with the exception of certified law enforcement officers while they are working for the facility as uniformed officers, are required to be properly licensed by the commission.
a. License applicants may be required to furnish to the commission a set of fingerprints and may be required to be refingerprinted or rephotographed periodically.
b. License applicants must supply current photo identification and proof of their social security number and date of birth.
c. License applicants must complete and sign the application form prescribed and published by the commission. An incomplete application shall not be processed. The application shall state the full name, social security number, residence, date of birth, and other personal identifying information of the applicant that the commission deems necessary. The application shall include, in part, whether the applicant has any of the following:
(1) A record of conviction of a felony or misdemeanor, including a record involving the entry of a deferred judgment and adjudications of delinquency;
(2) An addiction to alcohol or a controlled substance;
(3) A history of mental illness or repeated acts of violence;
(4) Military convictions;
(5) Adjudication of delinquency; or
(6) Overdue income taxes, fines, court-ordered legal obligations, or judgments.
d. License applicants for designated positions of higher responsibility may be required to complete a division of criminal investigation (DCI) background form.
e. A fee set by the commission shall be assessed to each license applicant. Once a license is issued, the fee cannot be refunded.
f. License applicants must pay an additional fee set by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and by the department of public safety (DCI and bureau of identification) to cover the cost associated with the search and classification of fingerprints.
g. All racing and gaming commission fees for applications or license renewals must be paid by applicants or licensees before a license will be issued or renewed or, if the applicant is an employee of a facility, the commission fees will be directly billed to the facility.
h. An applicant who knowingly makes a false statement on the application is guilty of an aggravated misdemeanor.
i. Participation in racing and gaming, sports wagering, and internet fantasy sports contests in the state of Iowa is a privilege and not a right. The burden of proving qualifications to be issued any license is on the applicant at all times. An applicant must accept any risk of adverse public notice, embarrassment, criticism, or other action, as well as any financial loss that may result from action with respect to an application.
j. All licenses are conditional until completion of a necessary background investigation including, but not limited to, fingerprint processing through the DCI and the FBI and review of records on file with national organizations, courts, law enforcement agencies, and the commission.
k. Any licensee who allows another person use of the licensee's license badge for the purpose of transferring any of the benefits conferred by the license may be fined, have the license suspended or revoked, or be subject to any combination of the above-mentioned sanctions. No license shall be transferable and no duplicate licenses shall be issued except upon submission of an application form and payment of the license fee.
l. It shall be the affirmative responsibility and continuing duty of each applicant to provide all information, documentation, and assurances pertaining to qualifications required or requested by the commission or commission representatives and to cooperate with commission representatives in the performance of their duties. A refusal by any person to comply with a request for information from a commission representative shall be a basis for fine, suspension, denial, revocation, or disqualification.
m. Non-U.S. citizens must supply documentation authorizing them to work in the United States or supply documentation demonstrating compliance with the North American Free Trade Agreement.
n. Portions of all completed applications accepted by the commission are confidential. The following persons have the explicit right to review all information contained on the application: the applicant, all commission officials and employees, the track steward, and DCI agents or other law enforcement officers serving in their official capacity.
o. A license may not be issued or held by an applicant who is unqualified, by experience or otherwise, to perform the duties required.
p. A license may not be issued to applicants who have not previously been licensed in the following occupations except upon recommendation by the commission representative: trainers, assistant trainers, jockeys, apprentice jockeys, exercise persons, and other occupations the commission may designate. The commission representative may, for the purpose of determining a recommendation under this subrule, consult a representative of the facility, horsemen, or jockeys.
(2) All facility board members and internet fantasy sports contest service provider board members shall undergo a background investigation and be licensed immediately upon appointment. For the purposes of this chapter, the term "board members" shall also include managers of limited liability companies.
(3) Multiple license restrictions.
a. A person may work outside the licensed occupation as long as the person is licensed in an equal or higher occupation.
b. In horse racing only, the following restrictions apply:
(1) A person licensed as a jockey or veterinarian may not be licensed in another capacity.
(2) A person may not be licensed as an owner and a jockey agent.
(3) No racing official may serve or act in another capacity at a race meeting at which that person is licensed as an official except if there is no conflict of interest or duties as determined by the commission representative.
(4) Application endorsements. The responsibility of licensing an employee rests with the employer. Therefore, a license may not be issued to any employee unless the application includes prior endorsement of the facility's authorized representative. All facilities must submit a list of representatives authorized to sign applications. This list shall not exceed six names. This authorization list shall be sent to the commission licensing office associated with each facility.
(5) An applicant who has not held a license for the previous calendar year shall be considered a first-time applicant.
(6) Interim identification badge.
a. All interim identification badges issued by a facility must be recorded in a logbook, which is available for inspection by commission or DCI representatives. The logbook must reflect the following information: date issued; user's name and date of birth (verified by photo ID); occupation; badge number; issuer; time issued; and time returned. Badges shall only be issued on a daily basis and must be returned before the employee leaves facility premises. A badge shall be effective only until the commission licensing office's next day of business, and may not be used to avoid obtaining a duplicate license.
b. A badge shall only be issued if:
(1) An employee is hired during a time that the commission licensing office is closed; or
(2) An employee is not in possession of the employee's occupational license.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-6.2
ARC 8029B, lAB 8/12/09, effective 9/16/09 Amended by IAB August 28, 2019/Volume XLII, Number 5, effective 7/31/2019 Amended by IAB April 8, 2020/Volume XLII, Number 21, effective 5/13/2020

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