Iowa Admin. Code r. 641-22.5 - Equipment

All equipment shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

(1) Cups to hold ink or dye shall be for single-patron use. Any ink or dye, once dispensed into an ink cup, must be disposed of immediately following use.
(2) Any dye or ink in which needles were dipped shall not be used on another person.
(3) All tubes, tips and grips used for the tattoo procedure which are not sterile, not for single-patron use, and not disposable shall be physically cleaned with a detergent according to manufacturers' recommendations and then steam-sterilized or dry-heat sterilized before use on another patron.
(4) Steam sterilization shall be at 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees Celsius) for 15 minutes at a minimum pressure of 15 pounds per square inch. Steam sterilization is the preferred method of sterilization.
(5) Dry-heat sterilization shall be at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (170 degrees Celsius) for one hour.
(6) All instruments must be sterilized on site. All instruments to be sterilized shall be placed in closed pouches. The pouches must be dated effective for 30 days, after which the instruments must be resterilized and the pouches redated.
(7) Sterilizers shall be monitored monthly for spores of Bacillus subtilis, and records of results shall be maintained for three years.
(8) Each tattoo establishment shall maintain written procedures to follow in the event of positive spore tests.
a. In the event of a positive spore test, materials processed in that sterilizer, dating from the sterilization cycle having the positive biological indicator to the next cycle showing satisfactory biologic indicator challenge results, must be considered nonsterile and must be reprocessed before being used.
b. A sterilizer that has received a positive spore test must be immediately removed from service.
c. Prior to putting a sterilizer that has received a positive spore test back into service, the owner must ensure that there is evidence of one negative spore test.
d. The owner must notify the inspection agency of a positive spore test within 24 hours of receiving the test result.
(9) Each tattoo establishment shall be equipped with a puncture-resistant, leakproof container designated for disposal of used needles and other sharps. The container shall be red and labeled with the "biohazard" symbol and shall be closeable for handling, storage, transportation and disposal. A written plan for disposal shall be maintained in the establishment.
(10) Any bottles of solution shall be labeled as to contents and used according to manufacturers' directions.
(11) Razors for removal of unwanted hair shall be for single-patron use and shall be disposable. If electric razors are used to remove unwanted hair of the patron, the clippers shall be cleaned with a brush and fungicidal/tuberculocidal disinfectant spray.
(12) Topical ointments shall be prepared for single-patron use.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 641-22.5
ARC 7982B, lAB 7/29/09, effective 1/1/10 Amended by IAB August 3, 2016/Volume XXXIX, Number 03, effective 9/7/2016

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