Iowa Admin. Code r. 661-502.9 - Licensure by verification

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 6, September 22, 2021

Licensure by verification is available under the following circumstances.

(1) Eligibility. A person may seek licensure by verification if all of the following criteria are satisfied:
a. The person is licensed, certified, or registered in at least one other issuing jurisdiction;
b. The person has been licensed, certified, or registered by another issuing jurisdiction for at least one year;
c. The scope of practice in the transferring jurisdiction is substantially similar to the scope of practice in Iowa;
d. The person's license, certification, or registration is in good standing in all issuing jurisdictions in which the person holds a license, certificate, or registration; and
e. The person either:
(1) Establishes residency in the state of Iowa pursuant to rule 701-38.17 (422); or
(2) Is married to an active duty member of the military forces of the United States and is accompanying the member on an official permanent change of station.
(2) Board application. The applicant must submit all of the following:
a. A completed application for licensure by verification.
b. Payment of the appropriate fee or fees.
c. A verification form completed by the transferring jurisdiction, verifying that the applicant's license, certificate, or registration in that jurisdiction complies with the requirements of Iowa Code section 272C.12. The completed verification form must be sent directly from the transferring jurisdiction to the board.
d. Proof of current Iowa residency, or proof of the military member's official permanent change of station. To demonstrate Iowa residency, the applicant shall submit proof that:
(1) The applicant currently maintains a residence or place of abode in Iowa, whether owned, rented, or occupied, even if the individual is in Iowa less than 183 days of the calendar year; and
(2) One or more of the following:
1. The applicant claims a homestead credit or military tax exemption on a home in Iowa, or
2. The applicant is registered to vote in Iowa, or
3. The applicant maintains an Iowa driver's license, or
4. The applicant does not reside in an abode in any other state for more days of the calendar year than the individual resides in Iowa.
e. Documentation of the applicant's complete criminal record, including the applicant's personal statement regarding whether each offense directly relates to the practice of the profession.
f. A copy of any relevant disciplinary documents, if another issuing jurisdiction has taken disciplinary action against the applicant.
(3) Applicants with prior discipline. If another issuing jurisdiction has taken disciplinary action against an applicant, the board will determine whether the cause for the disciplinary action has been corrected and the matter has been resolved. If the board determines the disciplinary matter has not been resolved, the board will neither issue a license nor deny the application for licensure until the matter is resolved. A person whose license was revoked, or a person who voluntarily surrendered a license, in another issuing jurisdiction is ineligible for licensure by verification.
(4) Applicants with pending licensing complaints or investigations. If an Iowa applicant is concurrently subject to a complaint, allegation, or investigation relating to unprofessional conduct pending before any regulating entity in another issuing jurisdiction, the board will neither issue a license nor deny the application for licensure until the complaint, allegation, or investigation is resolved.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 661-502.9
Adopted by IAB June 30, 2021/Volume XLIII, Number 27, effective 8/4/2021

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