Kan. Admin. Regs. § 5-21-4 - Safe yield

Current through Register Vol. 41, No. 14, April 7, 2022

(a) Except as specified in subsection (c), the district shall be closed to new appropriations of water in the portions of the unconsolidated aquifers commonly known as the Ogallala formation and the Niobrara formation that are located within the district.
(b) The approval of each application for a change in the point of diversion shall be subject to the following requirements, if the diversion works have not been completed under the original approved application:
(1) The proposed appropriation, when added to the vested rights, prior appropriation rights, and earlier priority applications, shall not exceed the allowable safe yield amount for the area included within a two-mile-radius circle, which is approximately 8,042 acres, of the proposed well.
(2) For the purpose of analysis, all vested rights, certificates, permits, and prior unapproved applications shall be considered to be fully exercised, and all limitation clauses listed on permits to appropriate water and certificates shall be considered to be in force.
(3) In the case of an application for change in the point of diversion referred to in subsection (b), each application and water right with a priority earlier than the priority established by the filing of the application for change shall be included in the analysis.
(4) The allowable annual safe yield amount shall be calculated using the following formula:

Q = AR/12

Q = the allowable annual safe yield amount in acre-feet per year

A = area of consideration, within a two-mile-radius circle, approximately 8,042 acres

R = average annual recharge of 0.5 inches per year

(5) If part of the radial area is located outside the district boundary, that part shall be included in the depletion analysis only if the chief engineer determines that hy-draulically connected groundwater exists in that portion of the area outside the district. A part of the area of consideration lying outside the state of Kansas shall not be included in the analysis.
(6) If wells authorized under a vested right, a certified water right, or a permit to appropriate water are divided by the circumference of the radial area, the authorized quantity of water shall be assigned to each well. If specific quantities are not authorized for each well, a proportional amount shall be assigned to each well.
(c) This regulation shall not apply to the following:
(1) Domestic use;
(2) temporary permits and term permits; and
(3) a new application filed to appropriate groundwater in any area of the district not within an intensive groundwater use control area, meeting all of the following criteria:
(A) The sum of the annual quantity requested by the proposed appropriation and the total annual quantities authorized by prior permits allowed because of an exemption pursuant to this subsection does not exceed 15 acre-feet in a two-mile-radius circle surrounding the proposed point of diversion.
(B) Well spacing criteria in the area have been met.
(C) The approval of the application does not authorize an additional quantity of water out of an existing authorized well with a nondomestic permit or water right that would result in a total combined annual quantity of water authorized from that well in excess of 15 acre-feet.
(D) All other criteria for approving a new application to appropriate water at that location have been met.
(d) Exceptions to this regulation may be granted on an individual basis by recommendation by the board in conjunction with the approval of the chief engineer. The applicant may be required by the board to submit information necessary in order to make the determination.


Kan. Admin. Regs. § 5-21-4
Authorized by K.S.A. 82a-706a and K.S.A. 2009 Supp. 82a-1028; implementing K.S.A. 82a-706, K.S.A. 82a-708b, and K.S.A. 2009 Supp. 82a-1028; effective May 23, 1994; amended Sept. 22, 2000; amended April 15, 2011.

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