1. PART I - Architects (Sec. I-101 to Sec. I-2303)
  2. PART III - Auctioneers (Sec. III-101 to Sec. III-2901)
  3. PART V - Automotive Industry (Sec. V-101 to Sec. V-8111)
  4. PART VII - Barbers (Sec. VII-101 to Sec. VII-1705)
  5. PART VIII - Behavior Analysts (Sec. VIII-301 to Sec. VIII-1001)
  6. PART XI - Boxing and Wrestling (Sec. XI-101 to Sec. XI-737)
  7. PART XIII - Cemetery Industry (Sec. XIII-101 to Sec. XIII-2501)
  8. PART XIX - Certified Public Accountants (Sec. XIX-101 to Sec. XIX-2113)
  9. PART XXI - Certified Shorthand Reporters (Sec. XXI-101 to Sec. XXI-1303)
  10. PART XXIII - Certified Solid Waste Operators (Sec. XXIII-101 to Sec. XXIII-1509)
  11. PART XXV - Credentialed Social Workers (Sec. XXV-101 to Sec. XXV-945)
  12. PART XXVII - Chiropractors (Sec. XXVII-101 to Sec. XXVII-917)
  13. PART XXIX - Contractors (Sec. XXIX-101 to Sec. XXIX-1517)
  14. PART XXXI - Cosmetologists (Sec. XXXI-101 to Sec. XXXI-1713)
  15. PART XXXIII - Dental Health Professions (Sec. XXXIII-103 to Sec. XXXIII-1815)
  16. PART XXXV - Electrologists (Sec. XXXV-101 to Sec. XXXV-2101)
  17. PART XXXVII - Regulations (Sec. XXXVII-101 to Sec. XXXVII-2305)
  18. PART XXXVIII - Emergency Medical Services Professionals (Sec. XXXVIII-101 to Subchapter A)
  19. PART XXXIV - Drug and Device Distributors (Sec. XXXIV-101 to Sec. XXXIV-1503)
  20. PART XXXIX - Hearing Aid Dealers (Sec. XXXIX-101 to Sec. XXXIX-1101)
  21. PART XL - Home Inspectors (Sec. XL-101 to Sec. XL-1103)
  22. PART XLI - Horseracing Occupations (Sec. XLI-101 to Sec. XLI-2307)
  23. PART XLIII - Interior Designers (Sec. XLIII-101 to Sec. XLIII-1301)
  24. PART XLIV - Massage Therapists (Sec. XLIV-101 to Sec. XLIV-6101)
  25. PART XLV - Medical Professions (Sec. XLV-101 to Sec. XLV-11145)
  26. PART XLVI - Notaries Public (Sec. XLVI-101 to Sec. XLVI-143)
  27. PART XLVII - Nurses: Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses (Sec. XLVII-101 to Sec. XLVII-4517)
  28. PART XLIX - Nursing Facility Administrators (Sec. XLIX-101 to Sec. XLIX-1701)
  29. PART LI - Optometrists (Sec. LI-101 to Sec. LI-803)
  30. PART LIII - Pharmacists (Sec. LIII-101 to Sec. LIII-3301)
  31. PART LIV - Physical Therapy Examiners (Sec. LIV-103 to Sec. LIV-501)
  32. PART LV - Plumbers (Sec. LV-101 to Sec. LV-1007)
  33. PART LVI - Polygraph (Sec. LVI-101 to Sec. LVI-101)
  34. PART LVII - Private Investigator Examiners (Sec. LVII-101 to Sec. LVII-927)
  35. PART LIX - Private Security Examiners (Sec. LIX-101 to Sec. LIX-907)
  36. PART LX - Licensed Professional Counselors Board of Examiners (Sec. LX-101 to Sec. LX-4720)
  37. PART LXI - Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (Sec. LXI-101 to Sec. LXI-3301)
  38. PART LXII - Professional Geoscientists (Sec. LXII-101 to Sec. LXII-1901)
  39. PART LXIII - Psychologists (Undesignated LXIII-101 to Sec. LXIII-4301)
  40. PART LXV - Radio and Television Technicians (Sec. LXV-101 to Sec. LXV-133)
  41. PART LXVI - Radiologic Technologists (Sec. LXVI-101 to Sec. LXVI-1501)
  42. PART LXVII - Real Estate (Sec. LXVII-101 to Sec. LXVII-31103)
  43. PART LXIX - Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists (Sec. LXIX-101 to Sec. LXIX-701)
  44. PART LXX - River Pilots (Sec. LXX-101 to Sec. LXX-15225)
  45. PART LXXI - Sanitarians (Sec. LXXI-101 to Sec. LXXI-2301)
  46. PART LXXV - Speech Pathology and Audiology (Sec. LXXV-103 to Sec. LXXV-701)
  47. PART LXXX - Substance Abuse Counselors (Sec. LXXX-101 to Sec. LXXX-1905)
  48. PART LXXXV - Veterinarians (Sec. LXXXV-101 to Sec. LXXXV-1519)
  49. PART LXXXVI - Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors (Sec. LXXXVI-101 to Sec. LXXXVI-1801)
  50. PART LXXXIX - Water Well Contractors (Drillers) (Sec. LXXXIX-101 to Sec. LXXXIX-1111)
  51. PART XCI - Drug and Device Distributors (Sec. XCI-101 to Sec. XCI-1503)

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