01-026 C.M.R. ch. 34, § 2 - Certification Procedures for Pesticide Dealers

A. Initial Certification
1. Application for Exam. All persons desiring to take the exam must request an application from the Board's office and submit all required information and fees.
a. Information shall include name, home address, Social Security number, name and telephone number of company and company address.
b. A fee of $10.00 for the exam shall accompany the application.
2. Appointment for Exam
a. Exams will be scheduled by Board staff. It is the responsibility of the applicant to reschedule if necessary.
b. All exam fees shall be forfeited if an applicant fails to notify the Board that he/she cannot sit for the exam on the scheduled date at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled exam. Re-application shall require an additional $15.00 fee.
c. Exams will be available year-round on an appointment basis at the Board's office in Augusta.
d. Exams may also be offered at other locations designated by the Board staff. Appointments for these exams should be arranged by application with the Board's office in Augusta.
3. Study materials for the dealer exam are available through the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Pest Management Office for a fee.
4. Examinations. All applicants shall complete the closed book dealer exam covering subjects specified in Section 1.
5. Examination Procedure. All applicants shall comply with these rules or forfeit their opportunity to complete the exam at a specified appointment.
a. Applicants should be present and ready to take the exam at the appointed time.
b. Applicants shall not talk during the examination period.
c. Applicants shall not be allowed to bring any books or papers into the examining room. Pencils and work sheets will be provided and all papers shall be collected at the end of the period.
d. Applicants shall not make notes of the exam and shall not leave the table during an exam unless authorized by the staff.
6. Qualification. An applicant desiring to qualify for dealer certification must achieve a passing score of 80 percent.
a. An applicant who fails the exam may not re-apply to take the examination prior to 6 days after the date of such examination. If an applicant fails again the applicant must wait 6 days before retesting.
b. Any applicant who violates any of the rules pertaining to examinations shall wait a minimum of 60 days before retesting.
7. Expiration. Certification under this section will expire on December 31st of the third year after the date of successful completion of the exam and on December 31st of every third year thereafter unless a special restricted certification period is assigned by the Board or Board staff.
B. Recertification
1. Any person with current valid certification may renew that certification by accumulating 9 recertification credits during the certification period described in Section 2(A) 7.
2. Recertification credits will be available through Board-approved meetings including but not limited to industry and trade organization seminars, workshops where pesticide topics are presented and approved home study courses.
3. Credit will be allowed for topics including but not limited to:
a. Applicable laws and regulations,
b. Label review,
c. Pesticide formulations,
d. Applicator safety,
e. Storage and disposal,
f. Pest identification control,
g. Integrated pest management.
4. Persons organizing meetings for which they want credits awarded must contact the Board in writing at least 15 days in advance of the meeting and submit details of the pesticide topics, including titles and length of time devoted to them. Board staff will review program agendas and assign credit values. Board staff will monitor programs as time permits.
5. A minimum credit of one hour shall be assigned for each one hour of presentation on appropriate topics.
6. An individual who conducts a meeting for which the Board does assign recertification credits will be eligible for two credits for each one hour of presentation on appropriate topics.
7. For in state programs, applicants must submit verification of attendance at approved programs to the Board. For out of state programs, applicants must submit verification of attendance; they may also be asked to provide documentation such as an agenda or descriptions of the presentations attended.
8. A person who fails to accumulate the necessary credits will have to re-apply to re-take and pass the exam required for initial certification.


01-026 C.M.R. ch. 34, § 2

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