346-16-11 - GENERAL

346-16-11. GENERAL

A. Conflicts. If this rule conflicts with Section 42 of the Code or any other provision of federal or State law, the federal or State law shall control.

B. Full Discretion. MaineHousing is entitled to the full discretion allowed by law in making all decisions and interpretations under this rule.

C. Not an Entitlement. This rule establishes a pool of eligible Applicants but does not preclude additional reasonable criteria and does not confer any automatic right or entitlement to Credit on any person or entity eligible here under. MaineHousing may reject any and all Applications and may refuse to award any or all of the Credit.

D. Final Agency Action. The director of MaineHousing, individually or by exercise of the delegation of powers contained in the Act, shall make all decisions and take all action necessary to implement this rule. Such action of the director shall constitute final agency action.

E. Waiver. Upon a determination of good cause, the director of MaineHousing or the director's designee may, subject to statutory limitations, waive any provision of this rule. The waiver must be in writing and must be supported by documentation of the pertinent facts and grounds.

F. Freedom of Access Act. MaineHousing is subject to the Freedom of Access Act, 1 M.R.S.A. ยง 401et seq., which requires the disclosure of all information provided to MaineHousing that is not specifically excluded, such as confidential information under the Act. MaineHousing shall not be liable for the disclosure of any information that it determines must be disclosed under the Freedom of Access Act.

G. Liability. Compliance with Section 42 of the Code is the responsibility of the Owner. MaineHousing is in no way responsible for an Owner's compliance or liable for an Owner's noncompliance. Any allocation, review or inspection by MaineHousing and any determination made by MaineHousing pursuant to this QAP is for the sole benefit of MaineHousing. No liability or responsibility for Owner compliance with Section 42 of the Code or other applicable requirements and no representation or warranty of a Project's feasibility or viability, eligibility for Credit, or compliance shall be implied or construed from any such actions and determinations by MaineHousing.

H. Headings/Context. The headings in this rule are for convenience only and do not define or limit the scope of the provisions of this rule. The use of Section, Subsection or Appendix without a reference to another document or source refers to a section, subsection and Appendix of this rule.

(See the first section of this Chapter for historical and other information)

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