Md. Code Regs. - Duties and Responsibilities

To participate in the Program, a local agency shall:

A. Comply with the fiscal and operational requirements prescribed by the State agency or the federal government in:
(1) This chapter;
(2) COMAR 10.54.01;
(3) 7 CFR Part 3015;
(4) 7 CFR Part 3016; and
(5) 7 CFR Part 246;
B. Maintain the caseload within the prescribed performance standards of the State-assigned level over a prescribed time period as specified in the written agreement between the State agency and the local agency;
C. Inform the State agency on a timely basis of clinic sites and hours of operation;
D. Make available, contract to make available, or provide by referral, appropriate health services to participants and inform applicants of the health services which are available;
E. Devise and implement a plan to make health services available to participants at the clinic or through written agreements with health care providers when health services are provided through referral;
F. Provide Program benefits to the participant at no cost,
G. Perform the certification procedure at no cost to the applicant;
H. Have on its staff a competent professional authority as defined at COMAR;
I. Maintain on file and have available for review, audit, and evaluation all criteria used for certification, including information on the:
(1) Area served;
(2) Income standards used; and
(3) Specific criteria used to determine nutritional risk;
J. Provide nutrition education services to participants, in compliance with all State and federal statutes and regulations including:
(1) Regulation .06 of this chapter;
(2)7 CFR 246; and
(3) COMAR 10.54.01;
K. Implement and operate a food delivery system prescribed by the^are agency pursuant to these regulations and approved by the -FTkxI and Nutrition Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture;
L. Maintain complete, accurate, documented, and current accounting of all Program funds received and expended;
M. Establish an internal monitoring system to review local agency operations and its associated clinics or contractors;
N. Provide orientation and ongoing in-service training for staff;
O. Inform the State agency of the content and schedule of training activities;
P. Make staff available to attend training sessions offered by the State agency; and
Q. Compile data, maintain records, and submit reports as required to permit effective enforcement of nondiscrimination laws and regulations.


Md. Code Regs.
Regulations .04 amended as an emergency provision effective June 29, 1996 (23:15 Md. R. 1083); amended permanently effective October 21, 1996 (23:21 Md. R. 1468); amended effective 47:10 Md. R. 519, eff. 5/18/2020

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