Md. Code Regs. - Delivery of Medical Cannabis to a Qualifying Patient or Caregiver

A. A qualifying patient or caregiver shall contact a registered dispensary to request the delivery of medical cannabis:
(1) The qualifying patient or caregiver shall provide identification that a dispensary agent can verify by means established by the Commission; and
(2) The qualifying patient or caregiver shall also provide a complete and verifiable delivery address.
B. During any interaction with the qualifying patient or caregiver, a registered dispensary agent may provide information on:
(1) The available types of medical cannabis, cannabis varieties, and medical cannabis finished products:
(2) Methods by which medical cannabis can be used; and
(3) How unused cannabis may be returned for disposal.
C. Before any delivery of medical cannabis, a dispensary agent shall query the Commission data network and verify that:
(1) The qualifying patient or caregiver is currently registered;
(2) A certifying provider issued a valid written certification to the qualified patient; and
(3) The amount of medical cannabis requested does not exceed the 30-day supply;
D. 30-Day Supply.
(1) A qualifying patient or caregiver may obtain by delivery a portion of a 30-day supply at any time once the written certification is presented to a licensed dispensary, provided the portion being sought for delivery when added to portions previously obtained does not exceed a 30-day supply.
(2) The dispensary agent shall enter the weight dispensed in the Commission data network prior to delivery.
E. Only a qualified patient or caregiver, or a medical facility where the qualifying patient is receiving in-patient treatment, may accept delivery of medical cannabis.
F. A licensee or registrant may only deliver medical cannabis to a private home or residence, or a medical facility where the qualifying patient is receiving in-patient treatment.
G. A registered agent shall deliver medical cannabis using a vehicle that:
(1) Shall have and display a current registration from the State;
(2) Shall be insured as required by law;
(3) May not display any sign or illustration related to medical cannabis or a licensee;
(4) Is registered with the Commission; and
(5) Meets the relevant criteria specified in COMAR 10.62.18.


Md. Code Regs.
Regulation .04 adopted effective 42:18 Md. R. 1176, eff.9/14/2015; amended effective 46:16 Md. R. 688, eff. 8/12/2019; amended effective 47:10 Md. R. 519, eff. 5/18/2020; amended effective 48:23 Md. R. 980, eff. 11/15/2021; amended effective 50:8 Md. R. 339, eff. 5/1/2023

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