Md. Code Regs. - Corrective Actions

A. Unacceptable Audit Results - Single Performance Audit.
(1) If the COM is out-of-control, the owner or operator shall take necessary corrective action to eliminate the problem.
(2) Following corrective action, the owner or operator, at a minimum, shall conduct a COM performance audit on the portion of the criteria that failed to indicate the COM is operating properly.
(3) The COM operator shall include both the audit results showing the COM to be out of control and the results following corrective action showing the COM to be operating within specification in the quarterly report.
B. Unacceptable Audit Results - Multiple Performance Audits.
(1) If an audit conducted in accordance with Regulation .09 of this chapter identifies unacceptable performance (that is, out-of-control conditions) for two consecutive quarters, the source owner or operator shall revise the current written QC procedures or modify or replace the COM to correct the deficiency causing the unacceptable performance.
(2) If the owner or operator chooses to revise the written QC procedures in accordance with §B(1) of this regulation and Regulation .06 of this chapter, the revised procedures shall be submitted to the Department for approval, along with a copy of the current approved procedures.
C. Unacceptable Zero Alignment.
(1) The performance of the monitoring system is unacceptable if the error of the simulated zero check before adjustment:
(a) Exceeds 5 percent opacity for any zero alignment audit; or
(b) Exceeds the 2 percent opacity acceptance criterion for three consecutive zero alignment audits.
(2) If the performance of the monitoring system is unacceptable, the owner or operator shall:
(a) Take corrective action to resolve the problem and improve the stability of the simulated zero check method or device; or
(b) Replace the COM.
(3) If corrective action is taken under §C(2)(a) of this regulation, the owner or operator shall conduct zero alignment audits at least twice each year during nonconsecutive calendar quarters.
(4) If the results of the semi-annual zero alignment audits exceed the limits of §C(1) of this regulation, the owner or operator shall replace the COM.


Md. Code Regs.
Regulations .12 under new chapter, Quality Assurance Requirements for Continuous Opacity Monitors (COMs) adopted effective June 13, 2011 (38:12 Md. R. 708)

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