205 CMR 4.21 - Licenses, Registrations and Fees for Participants in Racing

(1) The following persons shall be required to take out a license from the Commission and pay the applicable annual fee: Authorized Agent, Jockey, Jockey Apprentice, Jockey Agent, Owner and Colors, Trainer, Stable Employee, Veterinarian, Blacksmith, Racing Officials, Valet, Vendor, Outriders, Stable Name, Partnership.
(2) The fee shall accompany each application for license or registration. They expire December 31st of the year of issue.
(3) All applications for licenses and registrations to participate in racing shall be made to the Commission on forms supplied by the Commission. Any person making any false, untrue or misleading statements on an application for license or registration may be denied such a license or registration or may be assessed a forfeiture, suspended or both.
(4) The Commission may designate categories of licenses which shall require stewards' prior approval or recommendation. Such applications shall be submitted first to the Stewards. In considering each application for a license the Stewards may require the applicant, as well as the endorsers to appear before them and show that said applicant is qualified in every respect to receive the license requested. Ability as well as integrity must be clearly shown by the applicant in order to receive the Stewards' recommendation for the granting of the license.
(5) Before recommending any application for a license it shall be the duty of the Stewards, individually and collectively, to ascertain if the applicant is qualified as to the ability, integrity and right to the license applied for.
(6) Financial Responsibility. Applicants for a license may be required to submit evidence of financial responsibility and shall maintain financial responsibility during the period for which the license is issued.
(7) License Refusal. The Commission or its designee may refuse to issue a license and give the applicant the option of withdrawal of an application without prejudice. If an applicant is refused, the applicant may reapply for a license.
(8) License Denial. The Commission may formally deny an application in accordance with 205 CMR 4.00. An application denied shall be reported in writing to the applicant stating the reasons for denial, the date when a reapplication may be submitted, and shall be reported to or the Association of Racing Commissioners International, whereby other member racing jurisdictions shall be advised.
(9) Grounds for Refusal, Denial, Suspension or Revocation of License.
(a) The Commission or its designee may refuse to issue or may deny a license to an applicant, or may suspend or revoke a license issued, or may order disciplinary measures, if the applicant:
1. has been convicted of a felony;
2. has been convicted of violating any law regarding gambling or a controlled dangerous substance;
3. has pending criminal charges; or
4. is unqualified to perform the duties required of the applicant;
5. has failed to disclose or states falsely any information required in the application;
6. has been found in violation of statutes or rules governing racing in this state or other jurisdictions;
7. has racing disciplinary charges pending in this state or other jurisdictions;
8. has been or is currently excluded from association grounds by a recognized racing jurisdiction;
9. has had a license denied, suspended or revoked by any racing jurisdiction;
10. is a person whose conduct or reputation may adversely reflect on the honesty and integrity of horse racing or interfere with the orderly conduct of a race meeting;
11. demonstrates financial irresponsibility by accumulating unpaid obligations, defaulting in obligations or issuing drafts or checks that are dishonored or payment refused.
(b) A license suspension or revocation shall be reported in writing to the applicant and the Association of Racing Commissioners International, whereby other member racing jurisdictions shall be advised.
(10) No application for a license or registration shall be recommended by the Stewards and no license or registration will be issued by the Commission unless satisfactory evidence first is presented to the Stewards that the person so applying will participate in the meeting over which the Stewards have supervision.
(11) All persons licensed and registered by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and all others whose occupation requires access to secured stable areas or participating in horse racing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may be photographed and finger-printed under the supervision of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission Police Unit and in accordance with the Massachusetts State Police Identification System.
(12) The Stewards may issue temporary licenses, to jockeys or apprentice jockeys. If during the term of the temporary license, the Stewards make the determination that said jockey or apprentice jockey is not qualified as to the ability to receive a permanent license then the temporary license shall be revoked.
(13) Temporary Owner Licenses may be issued to Trainers acting as agents for their owners or to authorized agents representing their owners. Temporary licenses will be valid for a period of 30 days from date of approval. Every Temporary Owner's License must be followed by an application from the owner received by the Gaming Commission prior to the expiration of the 30-day Temporary Owner's License. Failure to do so will result in an imposition by the Stewards of a fine against the trainer or authorized agent. No horse will be allowed to race after the expiration of the Temporary Owner's License until a permanent owner's license is granted.
(14) No application, except a license for ownership, will be considered for or granted to a person younger than 16 years old. If younger than 18 years old, an applicant for an owner's license shall submit a notarized affidavit from his or her parent or legal guardian stating that the parent or legal guardian assumes responsibility for the applicant's financial, contractual and other obligations relating to the applicant's participation in racing within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
(15) When an ownership is in the name of both husband and wife, both shall be licensed and no partnership shall be required.
(16) Every Commission licensee exercising a horse shall upon request of an official timer, correctly identify the horse he or she is exercising and shall state the distance over which such horse is to be worked and the point on the race track where it is intended to start the workout.
(17) Every person following the vocation of exercise person, hot walker, groom or stable foreman shall be licensed by the Commission.
(18) Any applicant for licensing as a pony or exercise person, who is not registered as an employee of an existing licensee, may apply for such licensing provided that such applicant shall be approved by the Stewards and shall be required to be registered on a separate "Badge List" to be maintained by track security.
(19) Before a Trainer's License is issued by the Commission, said trainer shall submit evidence, satisfactory to the Stewards, that he or she has fully complied with the provisions of Worker's Compensation Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and that he or she has secured compensation to employees in accordance with M.G.L. c. 152.


205 CMR 4.21

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