265 CMR 4.05 - Duties and Responsibilities of Apprenticeship Supervisor

(1) Every apprentice shall have one designated supervisor who shall carry out all the duties, functions and responsibilities of a supervisor as set forth in 265 CMR 4.00. Such supervisor shall sign the application form of the apprentice as set out in 265 CMR 4.01(3) certifying his or her agreement to be designated as the apprenticeship supervisor. Such supervisor may or may not be the employer of the apprentice. If the supervisor is not the employer of the apprentice, he or she must be an employee of the apprentice's employer.
(2) In entering into the apprenticeship program described by 265 CMR 4.00, a supervisor shall assume all of the responsibilities described in 265 CMR 4.00 and shall follow all of the state and federal laws, rules and regulations governing or related to the practice of dispensing hearing instruments and shall treat all customers, coworkers and apprentices in a professional and courteous manner.
(3) A supervisor may supervise only one designated apprentice at any given time.
(4) Direct Supervision. For a minimum of 30 days full-time or the equivalent part-time after the initial hiring of the apprentice, the supervisor is responsible for direct, on site supervision of the apprentice. Such direct supervision shall include:
(a) the presence of the supervisor in the office to which the apprentice is assigned all of the time which the apprentice works;
(b) the physical presence of the supervisor in the same work area with the apprentice a minimum of 50% of the time in which the apprentice is providing services;
(c) supervisor approval of the selection of a hearing aid by an apprentice;
(d) actual oversight by the supervisor of all testing and taking of ear mold impressions performed by the apprentice;
(e) written approval by the supervisor of the results of all hearing tests performed by the apprentice; and
(f) countersignature by the supervisor of all sales documents prepared by the apprentice.
(5) Supervision Subsequent to Direct Supervision Period. After the minimum 30 day full-time or equivalent part-time direct supervision period, for the remainder of the apprenticeship, the supervisor shall:
(a) review and approve in writing all hearing aid fittings by the apprentice, including the physical inspection of ear mold impressions, ear mold plans, and hearing aid recommendations and fittings;
(b) give final approval to work performed by the apprentice; and
(c) attempt to contact the consumer who purchased the hearing aid by phone or through a follow up appointment within one week of purchase to ensure satisfaction with the fitting.
(6) Written Report.
(a) A supervisor shall personally approve the progress of the apprentice he or she is supervising and shall make a detailed written evaluation of the apprentice periodically, but not less frequently than once every three months.
(b) The report shall describe in detail the specific types and hours of work experience and training and related technical instruction which the apprentice has received during the three-month reporting period.
(c) A supervisor shall sign the report under the penalties of perjury.
(d) A supervisor shall give a copy of each written evaluation and each written report concerning an apprentice to the apprentice.
(7) A supervisor shall notify the Board of the completion of all apprenticeship programs.


265 CMR 4.05
Amended by Mass Register Issue 1319, eff. 8/12/2016.

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