935 CMR 501.840 - Nonconflict with Other Laws

(1) Nothing in 935 CMR 501.000 shall be construed to limit the applicability of other law as it pertains to the rights of landlords, employers, Law Enforcement Authorities, or regulatory agencies, except as otherwise provided in 935 CMR 501.000.
(2) Nothing in 935 CMR 501.000:
(a) Allows the operation of a motor vehicle, boat, or aircraft while under the influence of Marijuana;
(b) Requires any health insurance provider, or any government agency or authority, to reimburse any person for the expenses of the medical use of Marijuana;
(c) Requires any healthcare professional to authorize the use of medical Marijuana for a Qualifying Patient;
(d) Requires any accommodation of any on-site medical use of Marijuana in any place of employment, school bus or on school grounds, in any youth center, in any correctional facility, or of smoking medical Marijuana in any public place;
(e) Supersedes Massachusetts law prohibiting the possession, cultivation, transport, distribution, or sale of Marijuana for nonmedical purposes;
(f) Requires the violation of federal law or purports to give immunity under federal law; or
(g) Poses an obstacle to federal enforcement of federal law.
(3) Nothing in 935 CMR 501.000 shall be construed to limit the scope of practice of a nurse practitioner pursuant to M.G.L. c. 112, ยง 80I.


935 CMR 501.840
Adopted by Mass Register Issue 1403, eff. 11/1/2019. Amended by Mass Register Issue 1434, eff. 1/8/2021. Amended by Mass Register Issue 1436, eff. 1/8/2021. Amended by Mass Register Issue 1441, eff. 1/8/2021.

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