Mich. Admin. Code R. 336.1107 - Definitions; G

Current through Register Vol. 21-17, October 1, 2021

Rule 107. As used in these rules:

(a) "Gasoline" means any petroleum distillate which has a Reid vapor pressure equal to or greater than 4.0 psia and which is used for automotive fuel.
(b) "Geographical site" means contiguous land ownership by 1 landowner. A public right of way, such as a road, railroad, and watercourse, through part of the site, is not considered to break the continuity. Where transmission and fuel delivery rights-of-way or a strip of land that serves no other purpose than as a transportation or materials handling link connects 2 or more otherwise separate geographical sites, the connected sites shall be considered separate geographical sites.
(c) "Good engineering practice design" means, with respect to stack heights, the height necessary to ensure that emissions from the stack result in acceptable concentrations of air contaminants in the immediate vicinity of the stationary source as a result of atmospheric downwash, eddies, and wakes which may be created by the stationary source itself, nearby structures, or nearby terrain obstacles and will not exceed the greatest of the following limits:
(i) Two hundred and thirteen feet (65 meters).
(ii) Two and one-half times the height of the structure or nearby structure for those stacks for which construction or modification commenced on or before January 12, 1979, if the owner or operator produces evidence that this relationship was actually relied upon in designing the stack to ensure protection against downwash.
(iii) The sum of the height of the structure or nearby structure plus 1.5 times the lesser of the height or width of the structure or nearby structure for those stacks for which construction or modification commenced after January 12, 1979.
(iv) Such height as an owner or operator of a stationary source demonstrates, to the satisfaction of the department, is necessary through the use of field studies or fluid models after notice and opportunity for public hearing.
(d) "Gloss reducer" means a coating that is applied to a plastic part solely to reduce the shine of the part. A gloss reducer shall not be applied at a thickness of more than 0.5 mils of coating solids.
(e) "Graphic arts line" means an operation or series of operations in which printing (the formation of words), designs, or pictures on a substrate by means of partial coverage of the substrate are employed. A graphic arts line may also employ 1 or more coating operations in which a uniform layer of coating is applied either across the entire width of the substrate or across only certain portions of the substrate.


Mich. Admin. Code R. 336.1107
1980 AACS; 1981 AACS; 1989 AACS; 2002 AACS; 2016 MR 24, Eff. Dec. 20, 2016

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