Mich. Admin. Code R. 336.1112 - Definitions; L

Current through Register Vol. 21-17, October 1, 2021

Rule 112. As used in these rules:

(a) "Light-duty truck" means any motor vehicle that is rated at not more than 8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight and that is designed primarily for the transportation of property, including pickups, vans, and window vans.
(b) "Light liquid," as it pertains to R 336.1628, means a liquid that contains 1 or more volatile organic compounds which have vapor pressures of more than 0.04 psia at 20 degrees Centigrade if the total concentration of the pure volatile organic compounds which have vapor pressures of more than 0.04 psia at 20 degrees Centigrade is equal to or greater than 20%, by weight, of the liquid and if the fluid is a liquid at operating conditions.
(c) "Limited evidence," a term of art, means either of the following:
(i) In human epidemiological studies, the data indicate that a causal relationship between the agent and human cancer is credible, but that alternative explanations, such as chance, bias, or confounding variables, could not be adequately excluded.
(ii) In animal studies, data suggest a carcinogenic effect, but are limited because of any of the following:
(A) The studies involve a single species, strain, or experiment and do not meet criteria for sufficient evidence.
(B) The experiments are restricted by any of the following:
(1) Inadequate dosage levels.
(2) Inadequate duration or exposure to the agent.
(3) Inadequate period of follow-up.
(4) Poor survival.
(5) Too few animals.
(6) Inadequate reporting.
(C) The data show an increase in the incidence of benign tumors only.
(d) "Loading facility" means a location where volatile organic compounds are received from sources of supply and are stored for later delivery to another facility.


Mich. Admin. Code R. 336.1112
1980 AACS; 1989 AACS; 1990 AACS; 1992 AACS; 2008 AACS; 2016 MR 24, Eff. Dec. 20, 2016

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