Mich. Admin. Code R. 336.1118 - Definitions; R

Rule 118. As used in these rules:

(a) "Reactor" means a vessel which may be jacketed to permit temperature control and which is designed to contain materials during chemical reaction.
(b) "Reconstruction" means the replacement of components of an existing facility so that the fixed capital cost of the new components is more than 50% of the fixed capital cost that would be required to construct a comparable entirely new emission unit and so that it is technologically and economically feasible to meet the applicable requirement. "Fixed capital cost," as used in this subdivision, means the capital needed to provide all of the depreciable components.
(c) "Red coating" means a coating that meets all of the following criteria:
(i) Yellow limit: the hue of hostaperm scarlet.
(ii) Blue limit: the hue of monastral red-violet.
(iii) Lightness limit for metallics: 35% aluminum flake.
(iv) Lightness limit for solids: 50% titanium dioxide white.
(v) Solid reds: hue angle of -11 to 38 degrees and maximum lightness of 23 to 45 units.
(vi) Metallic reds: hue angle of -16 to 35 degrees and maximum lightness of 28 to 45 units. These criteria are based on Cielab color space, 0/45 geometry. For spherical geometry, specular included, the upper limit is 49 units. The maximum lightness varies as the hue moves from violet to orange. This is a natural consequence of the strength of the colorants, and real colors show this effect.
(d) "Reference test method," with respect to source sampling, means a method or set of procedures, as described in appendix A to these rules, for obtaining source samples.
(e) "Refinery unit" means a set of components and other equipment that are a part of a basic process operation, such as distillation, hydrotreating, cracking, or reforming of hydrocarbons.
(f) "Reid vapor pressure" means the absolute vapor pressure of an organic compound at 100 degrees Fahrenheit as measured by the standard test method set forth in ASTM D323, adopted by reference in R 336.1902, or approved equivalent.
(g) "Repetitive production of a product" means production, for purposes other than clinical testing of pharmaceuticals, that meets the following criteria:
(i) Batch processes or process equipment producing 10 or more batches of product.
(ii) Continuous processes or process equipment running for a period of more than 10 times the length of time for the raw materials to become finished product or 24 hours, whichever is longer.
(h) "Research and development activities" means activities conducted for the primary purpose of developing new production processes and products, testing more efficient production processes, or testing methods for preventing or reducing adverse environmental impacts, if the activities are in compliance with both of the following provisions:
(i) The activities do not include the production of an intermediate or final product for sale or exchange for commercial profit, except in a de minimis manner.
(ii) The activities are conducted at a research or laboratory facility that is operated under the close supervision of technically trained personnel.
(i) "Resist coat" means a coating that is applied to a plastic part before metallic plating to prevent deposits of metal on portions of the plastic part.
(j) "Responsible official" means, for the purposes of signing and certifying the truth, accuracy, and completeness of permit applications, monitoring and other reports, and compliance certifications, any of the following:
(i) For a corporation, a president, secretary, treasurer, or vice-president of the corporation who is in charge of a principal business function or any other person who performs similar policy or decision-making functions for the corporation. The person identified in this paragraph may appoint another person as his or her authorized representative under either of the following circumstances:
(A) The representative is responsible for the overall operation of 1 or more manufacturing, production, or operating facilities applying for or subject to a permit and either the facilities employ more than 250 persons or have gross annual sales or expenditures of more than $25,000,000.00.
(B) The representative has responsibilities for the overall operation of a source and is approved in advance by the department. A responsible official shall submit a written request for approval from the department to designate an authorized representative pursuant to this paragraph. The department shall respond, in writing, within 30 days of receipt of the request.
(ii) For a partnership or sole proprietorship, a general partner or the proprietor.
(iii) For a county, city, village, township, state, federal, or other public agency, either a principal executive officer or ranking elected official. For this purpose, a principal executive officer includes the chief executive officer who has responsibility for the overall operations of a principal geographic unit of the agency.
(iv) For affected sources under title IV of the clean air act, the designated representative as defined in title IV.
(k) "Rotogravure printing" means the application of words, designs, pictures, or surface coating to a substrate by means of a roll printing technique that involves intaglio or recessed image areas in the form of cells.


Mich. Admin. Code R. 336.1118
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