Mich. Admin. Code R. 336.1120 - Definitions; T

Current through Register Vol. 21-17, October 1, 2021

Rule 1 20. As used in these rules:

(a) "Temporary source" means a stationary source, process, or process equipment that commences operation and is located at a geographic site for not more than 12 consecutive months.
(b) "Texture coat" means a coating that is applied to a plastic part which, in its finished form, consists of discrete raised spots of the coating.
(c) "Thin particleboard" means a manufactured board that is 1/4 of an inch or less in thickness and which is made of individual wood particles that have been coated with a binder and formed into flat sheets by pressure.
(d) "Thinning tank," as it pertains to R 336.1631, means any vessel that receives resin from a reactor and to which solvents or other materials are added to thin the resin.
(e) "Tileboard" means paneling that has a colored, waterproof surface coating.
(f) "Toxic air contaminant" or "TAC" means any air contaminant for which there is no national ambient air quality standard and which is or may become harmful to public health or the environment when present in the outdoor atmosphere in sufficient quantities and duration. For the purpose of this definition, all of the following substances shall not be considered to be toxic air contaminants:
(i) Acetylene.
(ii) Aluminum metal dust.
(iii) Aluminum oxide (nonfibrous forms).
(iv) Ammonium sulfate.
(v) Animal or plant materials, including extracts and concentrates thereof, used as ingredients in food products or dietary supplements in accordance with applicable regulations of the United States food and drug administration.
(vi) Argon.
(vii) Calcium carbonate.
(viii) Calcium hydroxide.
(ix) Calcium oxide.
(x) Calcium silicate.
(xi) Calcium sulfate.
(xii) Carbon dioxide.
(xiii) Carbon monoxide.
(xiv) Cellulose.
(xv) Coal dust.
(xvi) Crystalline silica emissions from any of the following processes:
(A) Extraction and processing of all metallic or non-metallic minerals.
(B) Sand production, processing, and drying.
(C) Asphalt production.
(D) Concrete production.
(E) Glass and fiberglass manufacturing.
(F) Foundries.
(G) Foundry residual recovery activities.
(H) Any other process if the crystalline silica emissions are less than 10% of the total PM-10 emissions.
(xvii) Emery.
(xviii) Ethane.
(xix) Graphite (synthetic).
(xx) Grain dust.
(xxi) Helium.
(xxii) Hydrogen.
(xxiii) Iron oxide.
(xxiv) Lead.
(xxv) Liquefied petroleum gas (l.p.g.).
(xxvi) Methane.
(xxvii) Neon.
(xxviii) Nitrogen.
(xxviii) Nitrogen oxides.
(xxx) Nuisance particulates.
(xxxi) Oxygen.
(xxxii) Ozone.
(xxxiii) Perlite.
(xxxiv) Portland cement.
(xxxv) Propane.
(xxxvi) Silicon.
(xxxvii) Starch.
(xxxviii) Sucrose.
(xxxix) Sulfur dioxide.
(xl) Vegetable oil mist.
(xli) Water vapor.
(xlii) Zinc metal dust.
(g) "Toxicological interaction" means the simultaneous exposure to 2 or more hazardous substances which will produce a toxicological response that is greater or less than their individual responses.
(h) "Transfer efficiency" means the percentage of coating solids material that leaves the coating applicator and remains on the surface of the product.
(i) "True vapor pressure" means the equilibrium partial pressure exerted by a liquid or the sum of partial pressures exerted by a mixture of liquids. For refined petroleum stock (gasolines and naphthas) and crude oil, the "true vapor pressure" may be determined in accordance with methods described in American petroleum institute MPMS C19 S2, "Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 19, Evaporative Loss Measurements, Section 2, Evaporative Loss From Floating-Roof Tanks," adopted by reference in R 336.1902.


Mich. Admin. Code R. 336.1120
1980 AACS; 1981 AACS; 1989 AACS; 1992 AACS; 1995 AACS; 1996 AACS;1999 AACS; 2002 AACS; 2016 MR 24, Eff. Dec. 20, 2016

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