Mich. Admin. Code R. 390.1301 - Definitions

Current through Vol. 22-05, April 1, 2022

Rule 1. As used in these rules:

(a) "Annual district provided professional development" means that term as defined in R 390.1101.
(b) "Approved school counselor preparation program" means a state approved program in a college or university that has regional accreditation and that prepares school counselors in accordance with these rules.
(c) "Department" means the Michigan department of education.
(d) "Education-related professional learning hours" means an educational opportunity intended to improve a school counselors practice and capacity to perform the work within the profession of education, including time spent engaging with local employers or technical centers, that is 1 or more of the following:
(i) Satisfactory college semester credit hours applicable to school counseling at a regionally accredited college or university, with 1 semester credit hour being equivalent to 25 education-related professional learning hours.
(ii) State continuing education clock hours applicable to school counseling.
(iii) Michigan annual district provided professional development hours applicable to school counseling.
(e) "Michigan teaching certificate" means that term as defined in R 390.1101.
(f) "Nonpublic school" means a private, denominational, or parochial school.
(g) "Regionally accredited" means accredited by 1 of the regional accrediting agencies recognized and published by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or its successor agency.
(h) "Role of a school counselor" means the following roles in which school counselors serve and that, in Michigan, require a Michigan school counseling credential:
(i) Provide individual and group counseling services to assist students.
(ii) Collaborate with staff in planning educational interventions, curriculum, behavioral management plans, and teaching strategies.
(iii) Consult and collaborate with students, families, school personnel, and appropriate professionals and agency personnel regarding behavioral and educational concerns.
(iv) Provide guidance to students utilizing technology, career development theory, educational information, and occupational information.
(v) Assess students by using assessment, statistics and research methodology, follow-up evaluations, and measurement methods.
(vi) Assess school counseling programs using assessment, statistics and research methodology, follow-up evaluations, and measurement methods.
(vii) Design, implement, and evaluate guidance and counseling programs focusing on the career, academic, personal, social, emotional, and developmental needs of all students using, but not limited to, the following functions:
(A) Advising.
(B) Placement.
(C) Planning.
(D) Assessment.
(E) Counseling.
(F) Coordinating.
(G) Instructing.
(H) Referring.
(I) Programming.
(viii) Support and coordinate career development navigator programs to increase the number of college- and career-ready pupils, with an emphasis on increasing the number of citizens working in high-demand fields.
(i) "Satisfactory college semester credit hours" means a grade of C or better or the equivalent.
(j) "School counselor" means an individual who has successfully completed an approved school counselor preparation program and performs the role of a school counselor.
(k) "School counselor credential" means 1 of the following:
(i) School counselor endorsement on a valid Michigan teaching certificate.
(ii) Preliminary school counselor credential issued under R 390.1304.
(iii) Temporary school counselor license issued under R 390.1307.
(iv) School counselor license issued under R 390.1305 or R 390.1306.
(l) "School counselor educator" means an individual employed as a faculty member to teach in an approved school counselor preparation program.
(m) "School counselor endorsement" means an endorsement issued under R 390.1303 or R 390.1303a.
(n) "School district" means that term as defined in R 390.1101.
(o) "Sponsoring institution" means an institution of higher education approved for teacher or counselor preparation by the state board that makes recommendations for applicants under R 390.1101 to R 390.1216.
(p) "State board" means the Michigan state board of education.
(q) "State continuing education clock hours" means hours of professional development issued through a process established and approved by the superintendent of public instruction.
(r) "Valid" means being within the time period of the credential.


Mich. Admin. Code R. 390.1301
1979 AC; 2006 AACS; 2017 AACS; 2019 AACS; 2020 MR 19, Eff. 10/15/2020

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