Mich. Admin. Code R. 408.11875 - Maintenance

Rule 1875.

(1) An employer shall maintain a crane and its accessories in a condition that will not endanger an operator or other employee. A preventative maintenance program shall be established and the program shall be based on the manufacturer's recommendations and for the application as reviewed by a qualified person.
(2) An unsafe condition on a crane determined by an inspection shall be corrected by a designated trained employee or a qualified crane service company before the crane is put into operation. Designated repair personnel shall have a thorough background in either mechanical or electrical operating systems, or both, and shall also have a permit to operate the type of crane that is being serviced.
(3) Before adjustments or repairs are commenced on a crane, all of the following precautions shall be taken:
(a) A crane to be repaired shall be moved to a location where it will cause the least interference with other moving equipment on the track or rails and operations in the area.
(b) Controllers shall be placed in the "off" position.
(c) The main switch shall be placed in the "off" or "open" position and locked out, except where power is necessary to adjust or service the crane.
(d) A warning sign or "out of order" sign shall be placed at the operator control station.
(e) Illumination of not less than 15 footcandles intensity shall be provided while maintenance is performed on a crane.
(4) If any other crane uses the same runway, then a protective device shall be used to prevent interference with the idle crane undergoing repairs. If the protective device is impracticable, then a signal person shall be placed at a visual vantage point to warn the operator of the active crane when it reaches the limit of safe distance from the idle crane.
(5) A crane that has been adjusted or repaired shall not be returned to normal operation until all guards have been replaced, locks removed by those who installed them, or their supervisor, safety devices reactivated, and the maintenance equipment removed.
(6) Manual lubrication on a crane shall comply with subrule (3)(c) of this rule.
(7) An accumulation of dirt on a crane that would create a hazardous condition shall be removed.


Mich. Admin. Code R. 408.11875
1979 AC; 2002 AACS

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