Mich. Admin. Code R. 408.17253 - Automotive lift; color coding obstructions or hazards in work area; vehicle positioning means; corrosive protective methods

Rule 7253.

(1) Fixed obstructions, protrusions, and other tripping or stumbling-type hazards located in the work area of a lift shall be color-coded as prescribed in rule 18 of general industry safety standard, Part 1. General Rules, being R 408.10018 of the Michigan Administrative Code.
(2) Vehicle positioning means, such as locating ribs, positioning dishes, or floor markings, shall be used with frame axle engaging lifts.
(3) A hydraulic automotive lift cylinder installed underground in a fixed position after the effective date of this amendment shall be protected from possible catastrophic failure by electrolytic corrosion at the bottom of the cylinder. At least l effective means, such as 1 of the following corrosive protective methods, shall be used to protect the cylinder:
(a) The cylinder bottom shall be imbedded in concrete to a depth of not less than 3 inches and with not less than a 1-inch wall thickness.
(b) A square plate which is not less than 1/2 inch greater in diameter than the cylinder bottom and which is thicker than the cylinder wall shall be continuously welded to the cylinder bottom.
(c) The cylinder shall be encased in a watertight electrical insulating housing, wrap, or coating.
(d) The cylinder shall be equipped with a sacrificial anode system sufficient to protect the cylinder.
(4) An electromechanical power lift shall have all of the following devices:
(a) A separate deadman-type raise-lower switch mounted on the power column.
(b) A separate power disconnect switch that is readily accessible to the operator in the lift area.
(c) A device to automatically de-energize the lift when it has reached the limits of its travel.
(5) A screw-driven lift shall be provided with a safety nut to follow the main drive nut, which shall be capable of sustaining the imposed load in the case of failure of the main drive nut.
(6) The lift control mechanism shall automatically return to neutral or "off" position when released by the operator.


Mich. Admin. Code R. 408.17253
1979 AC; 1990 AACS

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