Minn. R. 1341.0502 - A117.1 SECTION 502, PARKING SPACES

Subpart 1. A117.1 Section 502.2, Vehicle space size.
A117.1 Section 502.2 is amended to read as follows:
502.2 Vehicle Space Size. Car and van parking spaces shall be 96 inches (2440 mm) minimum in width.
Subp. 2. A117.1 Section 502.4, Access aisle.
A117.1 Section 502.4 is amended to read as follows:
502.4 Access Aisle. Car and van parking spaces shall have an adjacent access aisle complying with Section 502.4.
502.4.1 Location. Access aisles shall adjoin an accessible route. Two parking spaces shall be permitted to share a common access aisle. Access aisles shall not overlap with the vehicular way. Parking spaces shall be permitted to have access aisles placed on either side of the car or van parking space. Van parking spaces that are angled shall have access aisles located on the passenger side of the parking space.
502.4.2 Width. Access aisles serving car and van parking spaces shall be 96 inches (2440 mm) minimum in width.
502.4.3 Length. Access aisles shall extend the full length of the parking spaces they serve.
502.4.4 Marking. Access aisles shall be marked with the designation "no parking." Where access aisles are marked with lines, the width measurements of access aisles and adjacent parking spaces shall be made from the centerline of the markings.

Exception: Where access aisles or parking spaces are not adjacent to another access aisle or parking space, measurements shall be permitted to include the full width of the line defining the access aisle or parking space.

Subp. 3. A117.1 Section 502.7, Identification.
A117.1 Section 502.7 is amended to read as follows:
502.7 Identification. Accessible parking spaces shall be identified by signs complying with Minnesota Statutes, section 169.346, and include the International Symbol of Accessibility complying with Section 703.6.3.1. Where all accessible parking spaces do not provide a minimum vertical clearance of 98 inches (2490 mm), signs identifying van parking spaces shall contain the designation "van accessible." Signs shall be centered at the head end of the parking space a maximum of 96 inches (2440 mm) from the head of the parking space, and be mounted 60 inches (1525 mm) minimum and 66 inches (1676 mm) maximum above the floor of the parking space, measured to the bottom of the sign.

Exception: Parallel parking spaces shall have a sign located on the side, at the head end of the parking space.


Minn. R. 1341.0502
32 SR 9; L 2007 c 140 art 4 s 61; art 13 s 4; L 2008 c 337 s 64

Statutory Authority: MS s 16B.37; 16B.59 to 16B.76; 326B.101 to 326B.194

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