Minn. R. 4503.0500 - CONTRIBUTIONS

Subpart 1. All receipts are contributions.

Any donation of money, goods, or services received by a principal campaign committee is considered a contribution at the time the item is received.

Subp. 2. Time of receipt of contributions.
A. A monetary contribution is received by a political committee or political fund, for reporting and contribution limit purposes, when the instrument conveying the contribution, such as cash, check, or money order, is physically received by the treasurer, the candidate, or a committee or fund worker.
B. A contribution delivered through the mail is received on the date the mail is gathered from the delivery point by the treasurer, the candidate, or a committee or fund worker.
Subp. 3. Transmission of contributions.

Promptly after receipt of any contribution or on demand of the treasurer, an individual must transmit the contribution together with any required record to the treasurer.

Subp. 4. Identification of contributor.

An individual or association that pays for or provides goods or services, or makes goods or services available, with the knowledge that they will be used for the benefit of a political committee or a political fund, is the contributor of those goods or services.

Subp. 5. Contributions from Hennepin County registered associations.

In lieu of registration with the board, an association registered with the Hennepin County filing officer under Minnesota Statutes, sections 383B.041 to 383B.058, that makes contributions of more than $100 to a committee or fund in a calendar year may notify the recipient committee of its registration with Hennepin County, including its registration number, and instruct the recipient committee to include the notice when the recipient committee discloses receipt of the contribution.

Subp. 6. Contributions by joint check.

A contribution given by a check written on a joint account is considered to be a contribution by the persons who signed the check in equal proportions unless the candidate or treasurer of the committee or fund has personal knowledge or affirmatively ascertains from any account holder who did not sign the check that the person is a joint contributor. In such cases, a written notation of the basis for considering the contribution to be a joint contribution must be made at the time the contribution is deposited and kept with the committee's or fund's official records.

Subp. 7. Forwarding anonymous contributions.

An anonymous contribution in excess of $20 must be forwarded to the board in its entirety within 14 days after its receipt by the treasurer along with a statement of the amount of the contribution and the date on which it was received.

Subp. 8. Value of contributions of automobile use.

Automobile use provided to a committee by an individual may be valued at the lowest rate used by the state to reimburse its employees for automobile use. Alternatively, the value of the automobile may be calculated as the actual cost of fuel, maintenance, repairs, and insurance directly related to the use of the automobile. The use of an automobile that exceeds $20 in value a day is either an expenditure that must be reimbursed or a donation in kind from the individual who provided the use of the automobile. An automobile provided by an association must be valued at the fair market value for renting an equivalent automobile.

Subp. 9. [Repealed, L 2005 c 156 art 6 s 68]


Minn. R. 4503.0500
20 SR 2504; 17 SR 1779; L 2005 c 156 art 6 s 68; 30 SR 903

Statutory Authority: MS s 10A.02; 10A.025

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