Subpart 1. General.

Permanent partial disability of fingers is a disability of the whole body as set in subpart 2.

Subp. 2. Ankylosis of joints.
A. Thumb.
(1) Total ankylosis interphalangeal joint:
(a) optimum position, 0 to 15 degrees, 8 percent;
(b) malposition, flexion greater than 15 degrees, 14 percent.
(2) Total ankylosis metacarpophalangeal joint:
(a) optimum position, up to 25 degree flexion, 10.5 percent;
(b) malposition, flexion greater than 25 degrees, 14 percent.
(3) Total ankylosis both interphalangeal and metacarpophalangeal joints:
(a) optimum position, 16 percent;
(b) malposition, 18 percent.
(4) Total ankylosis carpometacarpal joint alone:
(a) optimum position, 4 percent;
(b) malposition, 8 percent.
(5) Total ankylosis interphalangeal, metacarpophalangeal, and carpometacarpophalangeal joints:
(a) optimum position, 19 percent;
(b) malposition, 21 percent.
(6) Limitation of motion, thumb:
(a) mild, total closing motion tip of digit, can flex to touch palm, and extend to 15 degrees flexion, strength of grip normal, 3 percent;
(b) moderate, total closing motion, tip of digit, lacks 1/2 inch of touching palm and can extend to 30 degrees flexion, 6 percent;
(c) severe, total closing motion tip of digit lacks one inch of touching palm and can extend to 45 degrees flexion, 9 percent.
B. Digits other than thumb.
(1) To rate any digit excluding the thumb, find the appropriate descriptive category in item A, then multiply the rating by the following factor for the involved digit:
(a) index finger, multiply by 0.6;
(b) middle finger, multiply by 0.5;
(c) ring finger, multiply by 0.25;
(d) little finger, multiply by 0.125.
(2) Total ankylosis of distal interphalangeal joint, multiply rating in unit (a) or (b) by multiplier for involved digit in subitem (1):
(a) optimum position, 5.5 percent;
(b) malposition, flexed 35 degrees or more, 8 percent.
C. Soft tissue loss, isolated soft tissue loss of the end of digit greater than one centimeter, 20 percent of the disability to the whole body for amputation of that digit as set forth at part 5223.0080.


Minn. R. 5223.0140
10 SR 1124

Statutory Authority: MS s 176.105

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